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  1. Hello! I'm going to be moving into a dorm this month, and while I have family willing to take care of my larger fish, I'd really like to have a tank to take care of throughout the year The criteria I'm working with are: I have a 4 gallon aquarium with a HOB filter or a 10 gallon with a sponge filter that I can use. 10 gallons is the max that my school allows. I'd prefer a somewhat understocked tank, because frequent or large water changes are sure to be a pain in a dorm This is my biggest concern: Something that will have an easier time with the 2.5-3 hour car ride to my school. I'll have to make this trip at least 4 times a year for the major breaks, and I know that some fish can be very bothered by the long and bumpy trip That is why I was thinking snails could be appropriate? Do they have an easier time with car rides since they can anchor themselves to the holding container? In addition, does anyone have suggestions as far as types/numbers go? (I know I'm going to be a bit limited with these criteria, but I'd also welcome any suggestions for fish/shrimp/basically any aquatic critters that would meet these conditions! Thanks a lot!)
  2. I accidentally bought the Fluval prefilter rings instead of the normal ceramic. They look about the same as the normal rings, but I'm not sure how to tell if they're a different material and porous enough to hold a cycle... does anyone have experience here? Also, if they won't hold bacteria, is there any good use for them or should I see about sending them back?
  3. Thanks for all the advice! I did end up going with the pair of Aqueon, but now that they're set up I'm a bit worried about the fish getting stuck to the intake, seeing how powerful it is. Is there a best way to block that? I've used prefilter sponges in the past, and I was also considering making a box of cross stitch netting (like people use to make tank dividers) to ensure some distance. Does anyone have any experiences with those?
  4. My two 20 gallon Natgeo internal filters that I've been using for a few years now have finally died, so I'm back to the search for a new filter. The tank is 55 gallons and should only ever be housing a pair of singetail goldies. I'd like to keep the price below $60, but find something in that price range that'll last! My only oddball factor is that I've had a consistent problem with free-floating algae in that tank since I set it up, so something that will be able to handle some algae gunk until the problem is fixed would be great. (I've been looking especially at Aquaclear power filter 70 or a SunSun canister that does 264 gph, but any suggestions are welcome.)
  5. Okay, thanks so much! And yes when there's ammonia showing whi I can't water change, I dose Prime If the size difference continues to grow, is there a point where I am going to need to separate them? The 10 gallon has some small hides, but the 55 they'll be in is pretty bare except for a pothos jungle growing at the top level
  6. Back in December I got a pair of Shubunkins from a local Petsmart. At the time of purchase, one was a little bigger, but not by much. Since then the larger one has continued to grow at a faster pace. I didn't measure them when I bought them, but at that oint they were no more than a quarter inch apart in size. Currently the smaller is ~1.25 inches, while the other is just under 2 inches (body length, without tail). The bigger one also seems rounder. I feed them New Life Spectrum Thera A+ 1 mm pellets once a day, and watching them eat I haven't noticed any bullying that prevents the smaller one from eating. I've occasionally noticed the bigger one chasing the other, but not excessively aggressively or frequently. As far as illness, I did treat them as soon as I got them on a Prazi/salt regimen. They're currently in a temp 10 gallon while I sort out the 55 gallon they will be living in, but I'm monitoring the ammonia levels to make sure they stay under .25 ppm. Is there anything I should be doing or watching out for with his health? (I wasn't entirely sure if this should go in the illness forum, since I'm not sure its an illness-- just let me know if I need to move it and fill out the diagnosis form!)
  7. Yes, they were in the same tank system, so shared water I'm just concerned about whether or not the bristlenose will tolerate the salt and prazi.
  8. I had planned to put my new albino bristle nose in with my two new goldies for quarantine, but wanted to check first-- will going through the salt/prazi regimen with the goldies harm him?
  9. Okay, thanks very much!! And yeah, I think its cute Just wanted to make sure he'd be okay
  10. I just got a new Shubunkin, and have noticed that while his eyes seem the same size, one pupil is bigger than the other. The bigger one also looks slightly ragged. Would this be anything to be concerned about? Or just a quirk? Normal: Bigger/Ragged:
  11. The orange one reminds me of a dreamscicle... maybe Sherbet? And Maneki Neko is a calico cat from a Japanese folktale, that would be cute for the other :3
  12. Haha, I'd love a bristlenose, but might have to consider a heater first-- the goldie tank usually stays a bit below 70 They're the cutest though, so maybe someday!!
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