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  1. Dalya-and-her-Goldies

    Baby geese!?

    I just talked to one of the volunteers. She advised me to call another to get instructions for the gosling's care. She is going to call me in the evening in order to make an appointment for her to take the gosling. She will most likely come tomorrow. Hang in there, little guy, we are so close on finding you a home!
  2. Dalya-and-her-Goldies

    Baby geese!?

    Turns out my fears for the little guy were justified. He died, shortly after my last post. In order to ensure he eats something, I hand fed the other some greens. Hopefully he will be fine.
  3. Dalya-and-her-Goldies

    Update on "The Brain" my Petco adoption

    Looking gorgeous! Great job on rescuing her! What a lucky, lucky fish! Sent from my VF695 using Tapatalk
  4. Dalya-and-her-Goldies

    Baby geese!?

    Thanks everyone for all your responses! I have taken into account all your advice! Both of them are thankfully alive today, I was really afraid that due to my inexperience, they wouldn't make it through the night. I am worried about the little one though. It is very young, and apparently doesn't really understand the concept of eating. It keeps his eyes closed, though I saw it open one of them. It seems too weak to be able to take care of itself in any degree. I am probably going to have to syringe feed it. What do you think? On another note, yesterday night I sent an email to a wildlife agency, and to my pleasant surprise they responded today. They gave me some phone numbers of people who can advise me on my further steps. I am going to attend to those shortly. Hopefully the little goslings are going to have a proper home soon. Thanks again!
  5. Dalya-and-her-Goldies

    My underwater friends today

    Your fish are so adorable! Hope everything turns out well with Slate!
  6. Dalya-and-her-Goldies

    Baby geese!?

    I am planning on doing that. This is going to have to happen tomorrow though, as it is already pretty late here.
  7. Dalya-and-her-Goldies

    Baby geese!?

    Here are the two adorable little blobs.
  8. Dalya-and-her-Goldies

    Baby geese!?

    Hey there everyone! My little sister and I found two small birds, abandoned in a box on the street. We immediately paid a visit to the vet, who identified them as geese. I am currently looking for a proper home for them, but I still have to take care of them for now. Does anyone have any experience with such a situation? Advice on how and what to feed them or water them would be very appreciated. I will try and post some pics of them later, one of them is bigger and feistier while the other is smaller than my palm. Thank you very much!
  9. Dalya-and-her-Goldies

    Can anyone help diagnose my goldfish?

    I'm so sorry the little guy didn't make it. Wishing you the best of luck in the future. Sent from my VF695 using Tapatalk
  10. Dalya-and-her-Goldies

    hi... I hope I did this right!

    Welcome to Kokos! We we would definitely love to see pictures of your fishies!
  11. Dalya-and-her-Goldies

    Oh my! I see eyes in those eggs. What do I do know?

    Congrats!!! Looking forward to seeing pictures of them and how they are going to develop!
  12. Dalya-and-her-Goldies

    3 months make a big difference

    3 months really made a big difference! Great job at raising them!
  13. Dalya-and-her-Goldies

    Hello from Reno, Nevada

    Hello and welcome to Kokos! Goldfish sure can be addicting, can't they? I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures of your crew!
  14. Dalya-and-her-Goldies

    Back after 7 years!

    Welcome back!!! Good luck on finding the right tank!
  15. Dalya-and-her-Goldies

    The Bromance (Pic Heavy!)

    Lovely pictures!!! I‘m in love with cats and your are sooo adorable!!!