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  1. We'be had quite a bit of rain lately
  2. Nitrates were 40ppm should have clarified
  3. So I tested the tap water and found out that out tap water has 40ppm and the ph is about 7.4. Pond ph is 8.2
  4. I'n using a 30 gallon drum with a pump that can pump 1200gph. I'd say feeding is between 10-15 pellets. Is that too much?
  5. I'm using the api freshwater aquarium test should I use a different one? And I am using a Skippy filter I feed 2 small meals a day
  6. Thank you Sharon that makes sense lol. My water quality changed. My ammonia is at zero again but nitrites didn't change and nitrates jumped to 40 so I'm going to check again tonight.
  7. In my last pond it just hung in the water but then started clinging to the walls and floor. Hoping for the same in this one. I've got much more shade so it should go away
  8. I plan to lol I did a big water change the other day so I think it changed a little because of that. I'm not going to fight the green water just wait for the algae to settle
  9. Water quality today was Ph: 8.2 Ammonia: .25 Nitrite:.25 Nitrate: 20 The pond has also entered the green stage so everything is going well
  10. I have an exciting update for my pond! I have a bunch of new plants in it now including a lily, corkscrew plant, clover and two mystery plant! A new fish has also been added. It's another butterfly koi that is white with an orange head and some faint orange spots on the rest of it's body
  11. Could not give a anymore. I'm gonna feed these fish to the cats and be done with this. I don't want to turn into a fish snob like the rest of you.
  12. this entire god forum. I've never done this before but I think I'like just pour a bottle of bleach in the pond since I've already been such a terrible owner and killing my fish now would be better than what I've done now. Or perhaps I'll just buy 40 more fish and put them in my pond just piss you all off. Go to hell you mean heads
  13. I've only had the orandas for 3 months now and they've changed homes 3 times now lol. If they were going to die then it would have happened by now
  14. I gave them each a 5 minute salt dip so they should be good. The fish were healthy just looked like they had all beat each other up in the tank so I picked the two with no damage. They have very good filtration as well. I have a fountain and an aerater for them. I've splurged so much on the four fish I have already lol they should be good
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