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  1. Open Chat :)

    Oh I see, well that explains things LOL! I guess you could always read the files and posts there on her web page like I do sometimes. The thing is that Sach passed away some years ago, and her members took over her FB page then made a new one like I said but no one runs her old web site now, just FB. She had the best crab care page, it seem like all the other sites out there give bad outdated harmful advice. Sach would always debunk all the old info with tried and tested modern info. Sach sure taught me a whole lot and I've had these crabs for almost 6 years! Before I found Sach's page my crabs only lived a max of 1 year or way less. At least the members that now run her FB page sticks with the way Sach ran her page. It's pretty sad because she had children too, and the youngest was just a little toddler at the time
  2. Open Chat :)

    LOL!! I know a Kiki....Kiki is my cat's name, she is the "official fish tank examiner" for any new tank coming into the house. As you can see she has to inspect it the very second you walk in the door after bringing it home from the pet store. She takes her job seriously
  3. Open Chat :)

    Hmmm I wonder if you requested on her old FB page that is not in use any more... The new page is called "Hermit Crab Education and Care Group" It shows at the top of the page that current members can add new members so I believe I could add you too if I had your FB profile link.
  4. Open Chat :)

    Sarah's page? Do you mean Sach's crab page on Facebook? Hmmm shouldn't take too long. I was accepted in one day.
  5. Open Chat :)

    Here's a night time storm I filmed with lots of cool lightening, rain and thunder for ya It's almost as good as the real thing in person 104_0666.MOV
  6. White Bumps are back again

    Oh ok, I'll add more salt Alright, I have a bottle of HP handy. Ok, I'll leave his bumps alone then Do I have to add anything more to the main tank where Icicle is, like more C Silver or anything?
  7. Open Chat :)

    I'll send you all of my storms, we have plenty of leftovers..... We've had temp in the upper 90's with heat index of 105 degrees for several days this week, I'm just glad it is back to normal 80's today. That's as in degrees and not as in the 1980's time period LOL!! But those were the good ol' days!
  8. White Bumps are back again

    How much salt per gallon is .2%? It doesn't look like an open wound, just a slight bump with the scales slightly sticking up where the dots used to be. But he does wiggle and swim so fast I can't see for sure. Does HP mean Hydrogen Peroxide? The last piece of that last bump fell off as I was feeding him today, but now it has seemed to reappear in the same spot where I scratched it off earlier today, so he still has just one white bump visible right now. Should I scratch it off again to pop it, or just leave it alone?
  9. White Bumps are back again

    I just took him out and put him in his big bowl and held him half way out at the surface of the water, I seen that 2 of the bumps were gone with just a hazy white patch left in each spot where the bump used to be. The 3rd bump was still there and even bigger than yesterday but when I barely scratched at it, it ripped open as if it were almost as soft as just a dot of softened butter. He started wiggling too much to get the ragged piece that was left of the bump off, but I assume it will fall off as he swims around anyway. It looks like there may be another tiny one starting near his tail but I couldn't get him to sit still long enough so I'm not sure.
  10. White Bumps are back again

    I checked on him while I was cooking dinner at 6 this evening, and the bumps are still there so none of them popped yet. I'll have to check the feel of the bumps tomorrow morning, then I'll let you know
  11. White Bumps are back again

    Today there is another white bump on his right side about a half inch behind the other white bump, plus the place on his left side there is another white bump in the same spot the other one just was that went away in the place where the scales were sticking up. So now he has 3 large white bumps!
  12. Open Chat :)

    I'm doing good, thanks for asking More rain may start tonight again, but I hope not!
  13. Open Chat :)

    Yeah I'm ok The yard is still flooded and there's a billion earthworms crawling everywhere, those huge giant ones, I think they are called Night crawlers. They look like baby snakes everywhere LOL! But look at the poor hospital, and one of the parking lots downtown.
  14. Open Chat :)

    Oh my goodness! My local hospital that is in the neighboring city near us is flooding bad! There is a video that a hospital employee took of the hallways flowing with huge strong currents of water that are past ankle deep. There are door mats, garbage cans and other big debris rushing by in the current down the halls like a big river. There are news reports of cars being whisked away in the flood and getting slammed under the bridge, stores are flooded out, homes are flooded so bad and it is still raining My yard is flooded too but not like in the next door city, but my yard looks like a big wide stream rushing thru our yard and continuing on thru the entire block and the streets are so flooded, there are lots of places in town under flood waters, ugh!