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  1. Goldfish of the Week Winner "Chris1251"

    Congrats!! That sure is a great picture
  2. White Bump and cloudy eye

    Well, I just put Comet back into the main tank today because all traces of the bump and discoloration are gone! Thanks for your help!!
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    Buffalo wings
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  8. Word Association Game

    Camp fire
  9. Word Association Game

    Michelin Man
  10. White Bump and cloudy eye

    He looks pretty good. He still has a tiny little faint white patch where the bump was, but it keeps getting more faint as the days go by.
  11. Goldfish Of The Week Winner "Fish Of Gold"

    Yayy! Thank you very much!!
  12. White Bump and cloudy eye

    It's been about a week now and I don't see the bump at all anymore, but there is still a little faint area of white hazy stuff still there where the bump used to be but it is almost gone now. His (or her because I still cant tell LOL) eyes look a bit better too, just a tiny bit of cloudy look left in them. I've been changing the water every other day and replacing the salt accordingly. Temp is 78 with heater. I have a corner filter in the QT tank just filled with filter floss. Should I continue treatment with salt until all of the white hazy film patch on his body is completely gone?