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  1. Please ID my GF

    Yes Helen today morning i see my fish start to look white at tail and dorsal fin and some scales falls from the body , no any water kits available for me , can you post a video please? i really do suspect something is not right what about online ordering? i am sure you will be able to receive water testing kits from another (nearby) country? Yes this is my plan to get water test kit from nearby Country very soon , this avery short video plus extra photos for my fish .https://vimeo.com/125954723 Sorry for the low quality .
  2. Please ID my GF

    Yes Helen today morning i see my fish start to look white at tail and dorsal fin and some scales falls from the body , no any water kits available for me ,
  3. Please ID my GF

    I confirm like a ryukin but the egg shape confused me !
  4. Please ID my GF

    Helen i think for me its a magenta color from lack of guanine for must of matte GF .
  5. Please ID my GF

    I get this fish in my pond i don't remember parents exactly but I'm sure Ryukin female parent , could any one Identify my fish .
  6. New Moor to the Room

    Sorry to hear that you loose your guppy , i wish to cover this near soon , now i prepared three tanks for breeding one of them my telescope but not breeding yet . I will start Catfish breeding Surgery [emoji3] next week. Fortunately our local pet-stores looking for guppy and molley this days.
  7. Pearlscale/ Ryukin breed

    When i,m using a female same shape and color of your fish give me a very nice ryukin + not good quality pearlscale . I use the same shape males .
  8. Touching and holding Goldfish

    Whats are risks of contaminating a human from goldfish, any records or threads about this ?
  9. New Moor to the Room

    Avery long summer in our climate from my observation increasing ( metabolism ) i think for this reason my Oranda fish wen not grow as well plus slow eggs production , a cool room with heat pump air conditioner little expensive nowadays but i will plan for it in near future . So i will lean to use water change at an immediate 6 degree difference [emoji4]
  10. New Moor to the Room

    Thanks Michael , our climate now look like semi dessert hot mornings at summer . My next plan to add ice early morning to simulate the ideal climate 20 C , is it good [emoji10].
  11. New Moor to the Room

    Thanks all [emoji4] now I,m still following the quarantine tough system before any breeding step . Very nice velvet black but unknown tail for me, my plan to wait the next April full moon to post a velvet black breeding blog.
  12. New Moor to the Room

    I got this moor from the pet-shop yesterday, planing to creat new strains fortunately looks male and female [emoji106] (April plan) https://vimeo.com/120745324
  13. Crown Pearlscale 6 month growth update

    Amazing pearl [emoji3]
  14. What age can goldfish lay eggs?

    Let me show my exp. in this photo my male about 10 month old . And another photo for a female spawned end of Sept 2014 , the upper male participated in her breeding if you look for the tail its little bigger in the male , the female about duple size of the male (parent) but his tail still bigger . Sharon even me my female 4 month old spawned week ago , but small eggs and small fry too .
  15. Hello from Ohio

    Wellcome to the biggest goldfish world Koko's