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  1. LyinHead

    Treasure's color change (after only a month!)

    Usually stabilizing hereditary black, to keep it from fading to chocolate or blue. You can't stop genetics from taking its course, but some have learned to slow it down. Thats why getting young fish is good, you get to enjoy the transitional phases.
  2. LyinHead

    Treasure's color change (after only a month!)

    Fry are born bronze for camouflage from predators. Technically it's considered black, like BBR (black baby ranchu) uncolored. As the guanine fades from the scale, it becomes dull and a darker black. As guanine returns to the scale and skin underneath with maturity, the color and luster of the scale push the dull black out. Young fish with a lot of white after there initial color change may due this several times.
  3. Terrific job as always by the way Ms.Lis
  4. Lucky ur not in Alaska, there's a large population of female Grizzly's that may take offense to that. Bet ur trash would never stay in the cans after that.
  5. LyinHead

    Calico Ryukins

    Good lookin fish, especially like the blue in the first one, good classic calico color example
  6. Should name ur other chocolate oranda Grizzly, so together their Grizzly Bear
  7. LyinHead

    Harvest Festivals and Goldfish Prizes

    Hey Hinfin, how are your fry from this summer coming along? Do you have a thread started for them anywhere here?
  8. LyinHead

    Fancy Goldfish Dealers

    I've had great luck with Cynthia at East Coast Ranchu. She's a lovely lady that helps any way possible. And buying from her, I know that the fish has had the upmost care prior to coming into my possession.
  9. LyinHead

    Harvest Festivals and Goldfish Prizes

    I would take the approach of concern, usually the higher ups dont respond positively to aggression. How the commercial representation of these animals lead in most cases to demise. A fish in a bag or bowl is like letting a kitten or puppy live in a shoe box.
  10. LyinHead

    Lis's 180g dirted goldfish tank!

    Gorgeous work, can definitely tell all the care and work you put in by how beautiful both your tank and fish are. Thanks for letting us enjoy them with you.
  11. LyinHead

    Your 'before & After' Pics

    I like how the orange has filled in, and the color has become so vibrant on Dottie
  12. LyinHead

    Lets See Those Koko's Pearlscales!

    Those are some awesome fish, I have one from a LFS. I wanted one for exp and grooming exercise. This is Buddha the day I brought him home I try to get a current pic on here soon
  13. LyinHead

    Goldfish of the Week Entries

    You caught that perfect HomerJay
  14. LyinHead

    Goldfish of the Week Entries

    Lemongrab always wins the staring contest