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  1. It didn't go. I felt too guilty from the death of my first fish, and wasn't ready. As of now, June, 2019, I think I'm ready. I will go slow this time, fishless cycle, etc. My mother recently died, and remembering the wonderful hours of gazing at my fish inspired me to try again. I have no supplies, so I start from scratch. Again, I will go slowly, this time. My issue was the humidity affecting the bacteria in the tank which went off the charts during the summer. So, need to fix that problem, first, before anything else. Thanks for asking!
  2. They are absolutely beautiful and I am very happy for you, and very grateful to you for sharing pictures. Absolutely gorgeous fish, assembly, and that cat ....lololol..... such a tough life! har!
  3. lololololol!!! "Piggyy" I forgot how stranger fishowners are, no insult meant. They name their fish funny names and some chemical magic happens to biological systems where each gets really obsessed. Oh, how I've missed you guys. I've found my people, I think. Wonderful images; that fat cat isn't full of fish, is it?
  4. Thank you so much for this info. I'm driving over to the Windward side and pummel them with my questions. It never dawned on me to check with a local breeder. Mahalos!
  5. Aloha from Hawaii. I was a goldfish owner years ago until they died at my neglect. It's taken me years to even think about raising more goldies, but I'm willing to try. My problem was I didn't know how to deal with the daily climate changes that affected my fish, because I am near the equator. It can be 90% humidity w/ 80 degrees at night, and the next day be 65 degrees. I did massive research on water care, and was vigilant about my fish, but alas, one morning, there are black spots on my little guys and died that day. I buried them, through out everything, and vowed never to look at another fish again. I felt so guilty. Is there any way that I can discuss with somebody in Hawaii on this forum, who is familiar with our unique weather problems here? I've gone to local fish stores but haven't received much help.
  6. I'm going to start small; one baby in a 20 gal. With a huge cooling fan and a huge filter. And plenty of staring, of course.
  7. After Porky and Henry died, I swore I'd never raise goldfish again. Iron poisoning; five years. Yet, here I am. Don't even have a tank. I want to return ever so slowly, and hopefully learn from the mistakes I made. Good to see you guys. ????
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