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  1. starting up

    scratch that, kingyo.jpg
  2. starting up

    I just made an instagram! ghoti.jpg
  3. starting up

    Update: So I used one bag of the TMS for the aquarium and its perfect. I absolutely love the clean look and how much my fish stand out, but maybe the new black background played a bigger part in that. Speaking of the black background, I didn't really want to spend money at the moment (and because I can't find a 36"x24" black background) so instead I took a black garbage bag and using the leveling plastic on the filters, it hung in place. I adjusted the light so you don't see the wrinkles from afar and I didn't bother fixing it up because I just wanted to see what it would look like. I'm not sure if the wrinkles will appear in photos and I'm hoping for the most part you can't. So back to the sand. My verdict so far: I love it. I even added some old plastic plants that i had stored away and I might consider keeping it in if I don't see any fin rips in my fish. As for a new AC110, I'm hoping to get one before the sale ends, so wish me luck with asking my parents. - ghoti
  4. starting up

    Lol, actually my tank is naturally tall (24" high I believe) and I use two of the intake tubes together for my AC70 and it's still 7-8 inches above the floor of the tank. My other AC70 only uses one so it's much higher off the floor. It's good to know that I'm pretty safe at that height though
  5. starting up

    Thanks! I think I read somewhere over 7"-8" was high enough, is this correct? (For the HOB intakes, not the sand)
  6. starting up

    Hey all, just a bit of an update since August: Firstly, I hope you are all having a happy holidays. Secondly, an explanation for my somewhat long absence. I've been fairly busy that giving updates wasn't exactly on my priorities list at the time and when I did possibly have sometime to spare, there wasn't any big changes or questions I had. The five goldies are all fine in the 65(more like 70) gallon tank. Because I see them everyday, I didn't notice much growth in the past around six months of having them until I looked at photos I've taken. One of the fish I've noticed started to develop very minor swimming issues. He's one of the greedier fish I almost feel tries to jump out of the water during feeding. It doesn't look like anything too much of an issue right now. If it gets worse I'll be sure to ask on the forum. Due to it being Christmas recently, I did receive a present from my friend for the goldies. She'd just told me about it though because it hasn't arrived yet, but it was the Saki-Hikari goldfish food (purple bag). I am very excited about these but I do still have a bit of my previous fish food (Omega1) but I will most likely feed one in the morning and the other in the evening. My LFS had a store wide holiday clearance sale as well. The test kits were on sale but there weren't any more available (just my luck, huh?). I bought more filter floss and, wait for it, tahitian moon sand. I wanted to buy a new tank (90 gallons) but my parents weren't up for it. The Aquaclear 110 wasn't available there either but I do know it should be on sale at petsmart so I might buy from there. So let's go to the main portion of why I decided on this update: How deep is the recommended amount for sand? How much is too much? I have a used tank and the silicone isn't the most appealing thing about it (nor is the fairly scratched up front glass but I've gotten used to it). Anyways in regard to the silicone, I was hoping, for the most part, to at least cover it with sand. I did buy two bags in case one wasn't enough (depth wise). My second issue is actually putting the sand in the tank. After putting the sand in the tank and filling with water, the instructions say to turn on the filter and put the water clarifier. I have a HOB, so should I let the sand settle first and then turn on the filter or just turn on the filter before the sand has settled? I would've done the former but I'm asking as a precaution. If there is another way you guys did this it would be extremely helpful. -- Finally, I know I've said it multiple times and never actually lived up to it, but I might post pictures of the goldies. I've forgotten my photobucket stuff so there's a possibility I can't (just out of laziness, sorry xP lol). I did measure them just last week and they were all around 2 inches without tail. Two of them were smaller than two inches, two were right about two inches, the big one was a little bit over two inches. Happy holidays again. I will post my questions later in its subsequent forum for a faster response. And hopefully photos will be up (not just recent ones but maybe a through the months kind of thing). - ghoti
  7. Betta Startup

    Oh... Okay. I guess its a never mind on getting a betta
  8. Betta Startup

    Okay so I mentioned on my blog that I've been wanting a betta again recently. So I've compiled a list of what I intend on buying and things I already have, and I'd like a few opinions on whether I should change or go for something else. Planning to buy: - Top Fin 5.5 Gallon Starter Kit comes with; - 16" Incandescent Hood and bulb - Power Filter w/ Cartridge - API Test Kit Currently have; - Aqueon Betta pellets - Nutrafin Betta flakes - Seachem Prime - Two Marina Betta heaters (listed as good for 1 gallon) - Thermometer ---- I read some reviews on the 5.5 Starter and apparently the light fixture and light tends to stop functioning due to evaporating water and rust. I will probably work a way around the light. Someone correct me if the source is wrong, but I read somewhere that bettas don't need a lot of light and are more of a low-light fish. Again if this is wrong, please tell me. I don't remember where I read it but it was from a few months ago so there is a chance I misread it. The filter is also apparently graded for a 10 gallon and some people say its too strong for their betta. I intend on baffling the filter with some floss and not using the cartridge. I'll most likely use more floss/sponge and maybe a few ceramic rings. For now I'll see how warm the two heaters I currently have will heat up the 5 gallons. If it isn't enough then I will get a new heater. I'm predicting for now it might not be but it's better to try right? lol And the test kit I've been needing/wanting for a long time now so it'll always be on my list of things to buy xP So my questions; 1. Would the Top Fin filter suffice? Or should I just splurge and go for the AC20? 2. How would you set-up the betta filter? 3. What heaters would be good for a 5 gallon, in case the two heaters don't work well enough. Thanks:)
  9. starting up

    Hey all, Didn't get to update right after I did, BUT I returned to the store with the sale and they had one bottle of prazi left. So I bought it and today after my water change i followed the directions and dosed enough for 60 gallons. Aside from that news, I've been tempted to get another betta since my long hiatus of taking care of one. I was one of those more, I guess, "mainstream" betta keepers that kept them in 1 gallon vases or even worse. (Sadly enough I did know they should've been kept in larger enclosures). But now I kind of want to try again but this time with a 5 or actually even a 10 gallon. As much as I'd like to, I wouldn't go over 15 gallons mainly because I don't have space for it in my room. So yeah, maybe in a few days, weeks or maybe months, I'll be caring for a betta again. And in regards to photos of the lil goldies I did have a photoshoot today and a lot of them turned out pretty well. I'm not a fan of photobucket though so I might not be uploading them onto Koko's but on Instagram. Instagram is just more accessible for me and easier for me to maneuver and such. It of course won't be a personal instagram, it'll mostly be photos of the goldies (and maybe the possible future betta?) and some art. That's pretty much it, so...
  10. You know you have goldfish when...

    ... when you make sure the fish are nowhere in sight while you're eating sushi ... when instead of watching tv or netflix you just watch fish videos online or watch your aquarium
  11. starting up

    My tank has been running for about two months now but I still haven't gotten a test kit to see if I'm actually cycled. And there were none at that pet store I went to yesterday so I unfortunately couldn't buy then. I'm also a bit scared that I'm not completely cycled because I have to prime the ACs for it to run after water changes and I'm afraid of any "shock" to the BBs... I was also a bit scared to do daily water changes in the beginning and didn't actually do it for the first week or so, but then I eventually did it (but only around 25%, and a 50% weekly) while my parents were at work xD Now I do around a 80% water change weekly, around 30% (usually more depending on my schedule) on Wednesdays and top off the water daily since a lot evaporates thanks to my lights and the dreadful heat. And I have seen some considerable growth (I don't know how much in terms of mass/weight) since I bought them back in June that I may do a two-months later photoshoot. I also forgot to mention earlier in the blog that a fifth fish (ranchu) was added (somewhat forgot, cuz I was a tiny-bit afraid to mention when my family first brought him home lol). I must say, I had plans before I started actual fish-keeping but it didn't go according to it because of familial restrictions. Thank goodness I managed to get a second filter and get closer to the recommended GPH so I can rest a little bit easier since I'm kinda pushing it. Next on my priority list, test-kit and prazi. Is it ever too late to properly quarantine fish? I mean, I did do the salt quarantine but never got to do the prazi so I hope to find some locally soon, if not order. My family though...Sometimes they think the fish are just fish and the expenses for things like prazi or test-kits are kind of a waste. I'm sure I'm not alone when people look at them funny or criticize some decisions because they're raising goldfish, lol. hopefully some more photos by the end of the month, otherwise, see y'all should see me around the forum -ghoti
  12. starting up

    Friends, I come bearing great news: I have a new AC70. This local pet store in a nearby mall was closing and they were having a 50℅ off sale, but there were no more 110s so I opted for the $30 AC70. Thhe prices here were more expensive than at petsmart so I don't buy here often, but the signs caught my eye immediately, LOL. I also saw a tag for Prazi but there weren't any, so that was disappointing. Aside from a new filter I bought more biomedia and sponges. I did consider getting a 20 or 10 gall as a QT tank, but I had no car to transport it! Otherwis I'd say it was a pretty good day ^^ I still want a third filter to get me over 700 gph though... x)
  13. There is an amazing sale on the Marineland Penguin 350, and a sale (but not as compelling) on the Aqueon QuietFlows. I just wanted some of your opinions on these filters. Thanks in advance:)
  14. Losing scales?

    Yeah, I actually removed the plant earlier because I figured it might be that causing it, just as a precaution. And thanks:) my friend had a hard time parting with some of them because they were so cute, haha.
  15. Losing scales?

    Nop, no irritation whatsoever. Somewhat. It isn't constant or frequent, there are just time i see them chasing or headbutting one another on their sides, but not too hard. here are the photos, and I guess my eyes deceived me, because the other fish didn't really have any scaleless patches. It was mostly the horizontally striped one and a few from the all white. took out the some of the fake plants, but here they were before now the fish: i kept them large so it'd be easier to see the patches: