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  1. Wow looks awesome. Once my goldfish got to be a year old they pulled up my jungle val and wisteria. Amazon Swords are still hanging tough though 5 years later, as well as all the anubias and java fern I attached to driftwood. Always love to see a planted tank with goldfish. Well done.
  2. Hey everyone, Happy New Year. Wow seems likes ages ago when I started my goldfish blog on our dirt planted goldfish tank. Well we have some news, our very first ranchu baby goldfish hatched and are slowly growing up. We plan to rehome our non-ranchus and at some point get some nice red and white ranchus for any future breeding. Thanks again to everyone here for your helpful comments over the years. Cheers.
  3. Yup the female Cheddar is certainly not the perfect type ranchu. But they were a male/female pair at a reasonable price, so I figured its a good way to get started with ranchus. Got to say I'm really loving their Fu dog looking faces and interactions so far.
  4. I finally found some ranchu goldfish to try and start our breeding project. Wish us luck!
  5. Thanks for the advice, I'll go with the 10G. And when i went up in the attic to bring down my 23 year old 20G to see if it was still water tight it turned out it was actually a 30G lol.
  6. Is it better to quarantine a 3 1/2 inch goldfish in a 10 or 20 gallon tank? Which would you all do?
  7. Wow waiting four weeks seemed to take forever, but we finally put our two new goldfish into the 125G tank to keep our Ryukin “Ranger” company.
  8. Here’s a two minute video of Ranger, our red and white Ryukin, after six weeks in our tank. So far so good.
  9. My 125 gallon dirt planted goldfish tank used to have a good mix of water lettuce, water wisteria and frogbit. But when I upgraded my lights to Fluval leds (Plant 2.0 and Aquasky) the water lettuce and wisteria started to turn brown and the frogbit took over as the last remaining floating plant. The frogbit used to send up flowers about every day, but have taken a bit of a hit with the absence of fish in the tank for two weeks and with our new fish Ranger now heavily eating their roots. I currently have the lights only 2 ¾ inch from the water. I’m wondering if I should raise it a bit and try adding some water lettuce and wisteria back into the mix. Am I right in thinking the lights might be too close for certain floating plants?
  10. Thanks for the response Shakaho. I read Walstad’s original book four years ago when I was first setting up the tank and actually re-read her updated version last year. Obviously I’m doing a modified version since I still have two box filters rated to 120 gallons to maintain good oxygenation and periodically do 30% water changes. I would of course agree that a sudden loss of fish would most likely be caused by something toxic in the water or food. But the reason we don’t think that was the issue was because the tank tested its normal zero ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. The only significant thing that could have rotted would be a couple of nerite snails, but they don’t burrow down into the 1 inch of gravel. In the first six months of our tank we would see bubbles percolating up from the organic potting soil as it broke down, but that never seemed to be a problem. It doesn’t really seem plausible that the small and consistent amounts of fish food, fish poop or decomposing plants that might get under the gravel, which the fish are constantly pecking through, could cause a lethal release of anything to kill off two healthy fish in a 120 gallon heavily planted and well oxygenated tank, but we could be wrong. The reason we suspect the spiral snails was that Big Red was always searching through the top leaves looking for algae and (we now realize) snails. Once she was gone for a month the spiral snails, for the first time, were able to come down onto the lower leaves and glass. Once Lighting and Scout, who were always much more likely to forage in the mid level to bottom of the tank, had access to them, we think they began feasting on them for the first time. At least that’s what we suspect, hard to know for sure.
  11. Hey everyone, here is the video about losing all three of our four year old goldfish. We have a new Ryukin in the tank now checking things out to see if everything is ok. Got a 10 gallon quarantine tank setup for the next fish we put in. After that I think I might give raising some nerite snails a try. And in case anyone missed it here is the video with the story of our four year dirt planted goldfish tank.
  12. hey Koko. Still not really sure of the cause. You can find all the info in my post a few back called: "I lost all three of my fish in two months"
  13. Hey everyone. Since this thread is so long and old I think I’m going to start a new one once I get some replacement fish for my tank. Here is the video I finally got around to making that goes over my four year story up until I lost my fish. It’s the first goldfish video on my new Gardening and Goldfish YouTube channel. Hope everyone enjoys it.
  14. Thanks for everyone's thoughts. I'm doing the five pet store loop around Indy to see what goldfish are locally available atm. The LFS "The Reef" that I bought the last three fish from seems to have the best looking fish again. All options on the table I guess. I'm probably less likely to buy fast swimming goldfish that can jump out now. Also checking out the East Coast Ranchu live feed to see what's swimming around over there. Aka same thing I did four years ago lol.
  15. I lost all three of my fish in two months Well this is certainly not the update I was planning. My three fish, nerite snails and plants were all doing well until February. Then Big Red, who had jumped out of the tank over a year ago, jumped out again. We got her back in the tank, but this time she didn’t recover. She had been active and normal in every way I could see. Because the fish had all grown so much I decided having just two would be fine with my setup. Then in April one day I awoke to find Lightning dead. He had also been normal, all fins, scales, eyes looking sharp with his usual active behavior, a real beautiful fish to watch. A few days later Scout, who had eye issues for the last two years, but otherwise seemed normal, died as well. Water tests as usual came up with zero ammonia, nitrite or nitrate. The nerite snails all seem normal. The plants seem normal, doing my usual one to two cups culling of frogbit each week. There has been no change in food, water flow, temperature or anything else that I can tell. The only new thing I noticed after Scout died was that a small type of snail that use to live in the top of the Amazon swords that the fish couldn’t get to were now coming down on the lower plants and on the glass. I thought about maybe cutting one of the fish open to see if they had swallowed them, but in the end decided against it. So I’m very bummed that my three goldfish only lived to be four years old. They were such a delight to watch swimming around and doing their waggle dance during feeding time. If their activity level was any indication they certainly seemed to have enjoyed their time living in my aquarium. We’ll miss them.
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