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  1. Monstergoldies

    Hi there:)

    Welcome, can't wait to see what fish you decide to get... Definitely no shortage of ideas on here !
  2. Monstergoldies

    Another goldfish freak!

    Thanks Helen, he has never had any problems at all, must have been a birth defect, never seen it before so had no idea?!?
  3. Monstergoldies

    Another goldfish freak!

    Wow thank you I got a rare shot of brutus earlier... He's looking a little beaten up as he is trying to mate with everyone else in the tank (regardless of sex it would seem !?!) also you'll see his gills are malformed... They've always been like that and don't seem to cause him any distress... anybody got any idea what it is?
  4. Monstergoldies

    Lis's fancy goldfish journey

    Well good luck with it, can't wait to see the pics!! Your little babies are going to grow fast, prepare yourself!! :-0
  5. Monstergoldies

    Lis's fancy goldfish journey

    I'm 5'9" and I struggle! I tend to buy large mother plants that stand 2ft tall and just drop them in.. The Goldie's, shubunkin and the Rudd uproot anything planted so easier that way! I feed them cucumber and peas which stops them eating the plants so quickly too ! Can't wait to see your tank up and running, 10 weeks is sooooo long in fish hobby world ?
  6. Monstergoldies

    Lis's fancy goldfish journey

    So when are you getting the 6ft tank? Can't wait to see them all together are you going to plant it up? If so, I hope you've got long arms mine is 2.5' deep and I can't reach the bottom even on a ladder ?
  7. Monstergoldies

    KOI BABY, new

    Congratulations, can't wait to see them growing throughout the summer
  8. Monstergoldies

    Another goldfish freak!

    Thanks Lis, wish I could get close ups like yours..
  9. Monstergoldies

    Another goldfish freak!

    Right!!! drastic change with the tank, we have gone bare bottom!!! Looked ghastly straight after but is starting to clear already Think I may need to rehome one or two though, they are just all growing too big for the tank
  10. Monstergoldies

    Add Your Tank(s) Pics Here, Please

    Your fish look huge! They are... Trying to get some pics holding them to show size but not easy to catch them (especially the black ones!!
  11. Monstergoldies

    Your 'before & After' Pics

    Before... March 1013 1" (at bottom with orange nose) After... September 2013 14" (yup you can't miss him!!
  12. Monstergoldies

    Add Your Tank(s) Pics Here, Please

    I love all of the planted tanks, I really want an aquascape, am sooooo jealous Here's my 165g Goldie tank for the group
  13. Monstergoldies

    Montana goldies!

    My koi grew from 1" to 14" in 6 months!! See my post called "another goldfish freak" in the newbie welcome section We literally didn't have enough time to get a pond dug in time !
  14. Monstergoldies

    Another goldfish freak!

    Still trying to clear the water, they have had a full RO water change but still a little cloudy they seem fine though, all eating/spawning etc and the nitrate etc. Levels are fine, so we'll just keep at it!!
  15. Monstergoldies

    Another goldfish freak!

    And here he is in September 2013!!! He's lost his orange nose but that is the same fish...!!