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  1. bettasngoldfish

    Manx - my tail-less shubunkin pond fry :)

    What a little cutie! She seems to compensate well for not having a tail
  2. bettasngoldfish

    Goldies in the sunshine

    Cute, happy looking fish
  3. bettasngoldfish

    Pearscale under attack! :(

    Is there something in your tank that the pearlscale may have gotten stuck or wedged between that could have scraped the scales off?
  4. I don't know if you are in the USA but Ken from Dandy Oranda has bubble eye goldfish in his auctions sometimes. His look decent and don't cost as much as some of the other types.
  5. bettasngoldfish

    New betta boy and plec!

    Beautiful betta
  6. bettasngoldfish

    Frayed Fins? Fin Rot?

    No advice, Just wanted to say your pearlie is adorable! Love the telescope eyes
  7. bettasngoldfish

    My pearlscale Max

    Beautiful fish! I just love the chubby little pearly butts
  8. bettasngoldfish

    Goldfish Pillow Cover

    Cute! I might have to get one or two myself
  9. bettasngoldfish

    Calico Ranchu Pond

    So cute! I love it Do you keep the pond netted?
  10. bettasngoldfish

    Pork Chop, re-created by Chelsea

    That is so awesome! Great work!
  11. Great recommendations and a good way to help folks who are new to goldfish keeping
  12. bettasngoldfish

    Nitrate poisoning recovery

    Looks great! Very nice
  13. bettasngoldfish

    Building My First Pond (a sort of journal)

    I think you can make a cute little pond out of that but you may want to make another larger one in the future (I know I did) lol Here is a calculator to help you figure out how many gallons in the pond http://www.thepondwarehouse.com/pond/pond-calculator.html When I put the numbers in I got closer to 150 gallons but definitely check it out for yourself.
  14. bettasngoldfish

    Goldfish Needle Felting

    Very cute, love it!