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  1. JustRachel

    2015 fry have arrived!

    The parents are gorgeous! I had a fry go dark like that and both parents are metallic. He lightened up afterwards
  2. JustRachel


    Welcome! I'm a teenager in my brain if that counts?
  3. JustRachel

    Building My First Pond (a sort of journal)

    Good luck! I *think* it's similar dimensions to mine. Mine's a bit longer but also has shelves and about the same width and depth. Mine's over 100 gallons but Sharon's probably right for this one. I'd just stock it lightly if you're unsure
  4. JustRachel

    A New Kitty

    I'm so glad he's in your care. He's cute!
  5. JustRachel

    Pond Covers.

    I'm not sure if anyone has made a thread on this before, but here goes. When making covers, please be aware of the safety of wildlife. This morning I found a dead hedgehog in my pond. I wasn't sure how he'd managed to climb in since this pond is partially above ground, but he'd done it. It was sad as I often see him around my patio looking for food. The cover on the pond had broken at the edge, and he'd fallen in. If I had made a stronger cover, this wouldn't have happened. It's very disheartening. Some animals are good swimmer, but will give up if they cannot escape due to steep sides. Thanks for looking.
  6. JustRachel

    Fishtankbabe's 135 gallon April 2015

    Your tank and fish are beautiful!
  7. JustRachel

    Hiya, I'm super busy w/ babies

    Hi and welcome!
  8. JustRachel

    Houjicha is here!

    He's gorgeous <3 Congrats!
  9. JustRachel

    Hello from BC Canada

    Welcome. Beautiful fish
  10. JustRachel

    New Here

    Welcome! I used to have budgies.
  11. JustRachel

    Cheap plants UK?

    I've been wondering about those actually
  12. JustRachel

    Cheap plants UK?

    You could try here I've had good luck with them!
  13. JustRachel

    Pix Of Yourself #2

    Nice pics everyone
  14. JustRachel

    What's your oldest Goldfish?

    My oldest are my shubunkin and my telescope, bought the same day (originally belonged to my mother) and are 12 later this year