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  1. Dear Landmouse, Thank you very much! It was a big help! ^_^ So here's Katsumi. She's about 2,5 years old.
  2. This is my big girl, Katsumi. I can't decide whether she is a watonai or "just" a fantail goldie. Not if that would matter anyway. I adore her. :wub: Sorry, I forgot how ti post pictures? Anybody a little help?
  3. Hello there! I want your aquarium! No, really I adore japanese oriental things AND dragons!!!! This should be my aquarium! (Nah, I'm just jealous...) And your fishes are great! Good luck with them!
  4. Dear Georgia, Here it is, though it looks a lot smaller.
  5. Dear Fantailfan1, Thank you! You know what? I've been thinking about removing the gravel. It is very thin, but do you think that it would be better to have a bearbottom tank? *** Please note everybody, that from this view the aquarium looks a lot more smaller than it is in reality. ***
  6. Dear Georgia! Thank you for your warm words! Imagine that today I fed Katsumi orange (yes, I peeled it all over ) and he and Yamamoto-chan were eating it together side by side. They were so cute! I hope the shrimp is way too big fr hm to swallow. Wanted to shoot a video about them, but Katsumi-chan is camera-shy.... Anyway I'll try to catch some photos from closer.
  7. (First try...) http://i502.photobucket.com/albums/e424/AndeeKiss/Aquarium/IMG_0269_zpsc06afe75.jpg
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