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  1. My old Man Joey

    So pretty!
  2. New Tortoise Lady :) (photo heavy thread)

    Awe,Aubrey! :( I'm so sorry!
  3. Evie Says "Hi!"

    Tummy trouble is no fun. Hope she's ok!
  4. Evie Says "Hi!"

    I've never known a Newfie to bark, not so sure about the Pyrenees. I Love that she picked you! Love the feet twitching in her sleep.
  5. Only tank I have left now

    I just remember her being in a shallow tub (couldn't remember if that was because she couldn't handle the depth of a tank or you just didn't have room) If you are not worried, I won't be either!
  6. Only tank I have left now

    Citrine is outside then?
  7. Crown pearlscale

    They're not that easy to find, either....
  8. The Bedroom Gang

    Luka will always be MY favorite!
  9. My New Parakeet Blue

  10. Alvin the Blue Oranda

    I love the little bighead!
  11. Molly Updated

    Wow! That's alot of mollies!
  12. Tank Pic Update Dec 2016

    Bittersweet indeed
  13. I'm back (picture heavy)

    Are you still loving the bare bottom or are you missing having the planted tank? As usual, AMAZING! Both the fish and the tank! I can't even pick a favorite! Sounds like all is well (for the most part) with your fishies, hope everything else is good too! Nice to see you posting, now stick around, will ya!