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  1. Baldo

    Making a cat work for food.

    neat device!
  2. Baldo

    Cute Video

    So, my Daughter and I got home at the same time Wed, went in to say hello to her Kitty. Her Kitty got in my Lap and ignored her Mommy. Please watch and coment on the green monster, but please, no reference to my directing you to it. Please just act as if you stumbled on it if you comment. Thanks, and hope you find it to be a cute video! Plus, you get to see her Kitty! On youtube my kitty is a traitor
  3. Baldo

    My poor puppy ...

    A cutie of a Puppy! Crossing my fingers he gets better!
  4. Baldo

    No, you may not come in

    We had an outdoor Siamese that adopted us. My Daughter was born, her and Mom had to stay a few days in the Hospital. On the day I picked them up, I told kitty I was going to pick them up and bring them home. The 3 of us got home, and he had a dead mouse he left by the front door, i guess as a welcome home gift. This was almost 32 yrs ago, but one of my favorite memories.
  5. Baldo

    Funny cat video!

    That was a cute one!
  6. As we know, it only takes 1 post to win! BTW, Happy New year, all!
  7. Baldo

    Possible wet form of FIP and we don't have money :'(

    Sorry to hear, it is always difficult to deal with.
  8. Baldo

    Show me your kitty-cat!

    They qre all so adorable!
  9. Baldo

    My Daughters Kitty

    my daughters kitty Arial she has had since 5months of age. now 8yrs old.
  10. Baldo

    It's nice to know you're missed

    Looking at the first post, I see the dog saying he misses you, but nothing from the boyfriend saying he misses you? Hmmm....
  11. Baldo

    Leave me alone I've lost count

    Life long friends!
  12. Baldo

    My kitty crew

    Sweet family, when do we see a family portrait?
  13. Baldo

    My new pup

    "Get him a job?" Yeah, that would be interesting having him ask if you would like fries with that ! LOL !
  14. Baldo

    never ever take a turtles ball

    That was good for a laugh !