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  1. miamiguy

    Mysterygirl's Floating-World

    Miss the fish updates, Mysterygirl.
  2. miamiguy


    I'm so sorry about your loss, Myra. Robin was well cared for. Sympathy from both MiamiGuy and Mysterygirl.
  3. miamiguy

    Tank Exploded

    wow,this can really scare you,happened to me once but no fish were involved.Your fish are strong to take all that.
  4. miamiguy

    Icicle swimming in her new huge tank! :)

    cute one on board
  5. miamiguy

    Koko's Kritter of the Week Entries

    Who knew that a desk could be this comfortable. cat nap,,,ok
  6. miamiguy

    Mysterygirl's Floating-World

    I did not see these before, i enjoyed your stories keep up the good work ,loved the spa pond too
  7. miamiguy

    RIP Claude

    so sorry,he had great looks
  8. miamiguy

    Tank of the Month Entries

    all great tanks good job
  9. miamiguy

    Sam is gone

    sorry about your loss
  10. miamiguy

    Strange fish death in pond. On top of ice.

    so sorry about your fish.
  11. miamiguy

    New Peaked Roof on Winter Pond Cover

    great idea
  12. miamiguy

    New member

    nice people here . it's a lot of fun...they love there fish all day long....
  13. miamiguy

    Goldfish of the Week Winners

    can't find the vote page