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  1. FishWish

    New Helpers for Koko's

    Excellent additions to the already fabulous group of Koko's experts! Congrats, y'all!!!
  2. FishWish

    Subscribers Yearly Give Away

    Veeery comfy! One hip has been bothering me from some unplanned running over the weekend, and it didn't hurt on this mattress! Slept about like normal as far a night time waking, just way more comfortable. A little hot this morning though... Should be nice in the winter? Uh oh, husband says Too soft. Hopefully he will come to love it and I won't have to return it! But I really love it. Sent using Tapatalk My hip is killing me too I wonder if a new bed would help I'm glad you're happy with it Do you sleep on your side? If you keep a pillow between your knees that can help some. I sleep so weird, on my stomach with legs all over the place and I worry that it's going to damage my knees eventually. I've been getting PT, she recently told me to get a body pillow for 1) to prevent from sleeping on my belly and 2) when on my back to slip under my knees and 3) put between my knees when on side. I like it a lot but it's really hot How's your hip doing? Last July I started having hip pain out of the blue…no injury. It went on for months unit l I couldn't stand it. Saw an orthopedic surgeon friend, and I agreed to a steroid injection…then I did 6 weeks of PT. It really helped. No pain. Although I can still tell it's not totally perfect…I usually only notice that when I'm exercising. I like the body pillow too! The body pillow was what made us move from a queen bed to a king!! My husband felt like he was sleeping with another person in between us. :rofl
  3. ^^ This! Stunning! All of it!
  4. FishWish

    Subscribers Yearly Give Away

    It felt like it went by really fast. I did enjoy it a lot! My boys (5 and 8) saw it with my Mom and LOVED it! Now the younger one is begging me to keep buying Honey Nut Cheerios because he wants to collect all of the SLOP toys in the boxes. I guess that really does work to sell cereal.
  5. FishWish

    Subscribers Yearly Give Away

    Helloooooo! So….I got an email about a raffle…
  6. FishWish

    Kokos stickers or cards

    Here's one that I won in a raffle a few yrs ago... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Love the "Disease Assistant" title…that rocks!
  8. FishWish

    Our new puppy!

    Precious!! Does Riley have maternal instincts?? Or does she just tolerate Rudy? They will be so close as they get older together!
  9. FishWish

    Hello from the bayou!

    Go Tigers!!! #LSUforever
  10. FishWish

    Hello from the bayou!

    Welcome! Nice fish!! Geaux Tigers!!!! Please tell me you are an LSU fan!
  11. I have always loved your tank!! Congrats!!
  12. FishWish

    Pix Of Yourself #2

    It is!! My brother got it for her….Bridget's first doll. The long story of it is that I ordered her a Cabbage Patch wig/costume on Etsy, and the lady never sent it. It was a total scam. The day after Halloween there were about 30 reviews on her page all saying the same thing…Never Received. Etsy shut her down and refunded the money. I just don't understand how a person could do that…especially to a child?!? So, my brother got her the next best thing.
  13. FishWish

    Pix Of Yourself #2

    I'm the tall one in the middle! :rofl This was Bridget's 1st birthday on Nov 9th.
  14. FishWish

    A calamity of errors (allll mine)

    What a journey this has been. I'm glad you've found some help here and are learning lots. I would guess that a large majority of those here started out flying by the seat of their pants. I know I did. Best of luck to you, Dudits, and Fiona.
  15. FishWish

    Oh My! Hoping for the best!

    Good luck!! Can't wait to see pics!