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  1. oops that is meant to say 2 bristlenose plecos, lol :-) I did think that you must have LOVED LOVED LOVED those BNs I thought that too and he had some adorable pleco babies.
  2. Thank-you hun, I appreciate it. Every once in awhile I see an adorable fancy and think about setting up another tank. Sounds like this book would come in very handy. It is actually a must-have for goldfish keepers, fancy or not. I will definitely be on the look out for it then. I saw the title and thought it was geared more towards fancies. I know they are built differently and have somewhat different needs in some areas than single tails.
  3. Thank-you hun, I appreciate it. Every once in awhile I see an adorable fancy and think about setting up another tank. Sounds like this book would come in very handy.
  4. Thank-you all so much for your input and advice. I knew I could count on all of you to give me good solid information. There is so much conflicting information on the internet it gives me a headache sometimes trying to muck through it. Thanks Shakaho for the more in depth details. Looks like I can stop worrying about them when their temp reaches 82 in the summer as well. The more I learn about Goldfish the more I am amazed by them. Alex, what is the name of that book? Maybe I will look into getting a copy of it, if I can.
  5. I read while reading some of the posts on here that it was recommended to keep the temp for GF's between 72 and 74 degrees. My question is does that apply to single tails as well? Or just fancies? The temp here right now where I live as been jumping up and down a bit. For example, yesterday their temp was about 76 degrees. This morning I got up and it was 71 degrees. I have a mother that doesn't believe in running the heater until we are in the 50's. So I have been thinking about putting a heater back in their tank for stability. I know that BB arn't thrilled with cooler water either. I also don't cherish putting my hands in cold water . I have a tendency to try and keep electrical appliances out of their water if possible, but for their health and well being I will promptly put in a heater if necessary. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. That stand came out great! And it seems they like their new home. YAY! I've been researching on building a DIY Stand for my new tank but have been kinda chicken. Never built something like that before. But you have given me hope that I can. Thanks!
  7. ^this It would be really interesting to see this. I am being lazy and not looking this up to make sure I am correct, so take this worth a grain of salt, but I believe that plants' favor ammonia over nitrate. So, in an aquarium plants might be using the ammonia that the fish produce, thus inadvertently reducing nitrate (because there is less ammonia being converted to nitrate). However, if you have nitrate in your tap, my guess is that the plants are simply using the ammonia the fish are producing first, but not the tap nitrates. So, as others said it *might* be worse without the plants, but they may not actually make a dent in those tap nitrates because they have ammonia readily available. I wonder if in a closed system (e.g. put a bunch of plants in a bucket of water), where there is no ammonia (no fish), if you would see more of a decrease in those baseline nitrate levels than you do in an aquarium. I know it is often recommended that people keep tubs of tap with plants in it and age it to reduce nitrates before they use it for water changes. You know, I think I'm going to try this for my Nitrate/tap water problem. I run all my water in a separate tank for a few to days to filter out uglies that sometimes come out of my garden hose (can't use in house water because of the water softener) and stabilize ph and temp. It certainly can't hurt and I love houseplants so win/win for me. Well, when I manage to get some extra money to buy the plants. Many apologies for highjacking your thread pawsplus. I've been watching your progress and when I saw this I just had to comment. Don't give up hun. Just keep doing/trying things until you hit the sweet spot. You will find it!!!!!!
  8. With all due respect, this site is nothing but a vehicle for him trying to sell things.For example, while my chemistry is probably not where it should be, but how does baking soda not maintain as stable a pH as others. We all know that alkalinity is alkalinity. If the kH is 150ppm, then it is 150, and offers exactly that much stability, whether it's from bicarbs or carbs. Not only does this not make sense, I also have my own, as well as Jeff's amazing record keeping of how well baking soda has worked for it, and stable! Perhaps I am wrong, but then I would hope for a thorough chemistry explanation of this rather interesting phenomenon. My readings for academic sources also somehow neglected to mention this requirement. Finally, yes, I agree that calcium and magnesium are essentials. My take on this site is that while it's nice, everything bears scrutiny. He freely mixes real and adverts for commercial products. I agree with this. While he does have some things I agree with and very good points, there are many things I disagree with. I view that site as mostly a selling site. I lost a good bit of respect for that site when I discovered full page write ups targeting other community forums (and specific threads) whos members had expressed negative views about that site and, in my personal opinion, ranting about them. These other sites did not write up full page articles bringing him down. I thought it was very distasteful to target specific threads in certain forums and do a full page write up being on the defensive. I believe everyone has there own opinion about everything and should be respected for them no matter how much I may disagree. Thanks Alex for the links, I'm going to peruse them.
  9. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. "Runs and buys even though she still has 2 bottles". Nothing wrong with hording GF food. You should see my freezer and all my little FoodSaver Bags.
  10. That Algone looks very interesting. Good Luck and please keep us posted. I'm very curious as to your results.
  11. Yes, this has been something we've discussed multiple times. Tap is like that as well. Opps my bad. I should try reading the entire thread before opening my mouth. at myself. Oh, and you have one incredibly adorable and gorgeous fish HappyPercy.
  12. I'm not sure if this is your case, but my tap water comes out reading about 7.4/7.6. After I aerate it overnight it climbs to about 8.2/8.3 and stabilizes. It has to do with carbon dioxide gassing off. Maybe your PH rises due to aeration in your tank maybe? Just adding my thoughts.
  13. Oh I totally don't want anaerobic pockets in the substrate of any of my tanks /shivers. That build up of hydrogen sulfate (I hope that's the right name for it) in one spot and then getting released all at once just scares the you-know-what outta me. What I get out of what I have read is the nitrate is dealt with and the remains is removed by aeration and stuff so it doesn't build up. I'm still reading anything I can find about it and still monitoring my water but so far so good. I haven't detected any rotten egg smell and my babies are as hungry and active as ever. I'm going to be watching this thread as well as I am curious as to what pawsplus results will be. Hiya schoolie! I have thought about that, but my DIY abilities are pretty terrible.
  14. Good Luck!!! Me too! I guess Matrix doesn't need slow flow as it designed more to work with faster flow. I really don't have a steady job because I pretty much have my hands full caring for aging parents so I don't have a whole lot of money. If I did I would love to have a reactor of some sort and use Denitrate. Me and my OCD.
  15. Interesting. My tank is a 90 so it sounds like the Nitra-Zorb will do next to nothing. What is this Seachem stuff? I have 3 filters (1 canister and 2 HOBs--how would I use the Seachem exactly? Is it a filter product or a liquid or what? It's a filter product and I have read it's best used in a canister filter, but it does work in HOB's. I'm currently using it in two corner filters. When I get my new tank set up I will be using FX5's and am planning on putting as much as I can in those and seeing how it does. I'm a big fangirl of Seachem products but I've have no desire to try Stability. I have very good luck with Tetra Safestart so I have just stuck with that. Yeah, I think I have read that as well if I recall correctly. But I have read on various boards about people's experiences with it all with different outcomes. When I decided to try it I didn't depend on any anaerobic bacteria activity. But so far it looks like they are kicking in. There is a third set of bacteria that will deal with nitrates. Anaerobic bacteria. Supposedly Matrix is supposed to mimic live rock in saltwater aquariums. Live rock allows anaerobic bacteria to develop deep inside it and deal with nitrates. If I am rambling forgive me. Sometimes I don't really forum post all that well.
  16. The nitrates in my tap also read about 20. So I tried Nitra-Zorb for a bit. I prefilter my water because I'm on a well and I'm just not sure about some of that floaty stuff that comes out of it. So I prefilter to remove it, stabilize the temp and ph before going into the tank. I used Nitra-Zorb to remove the nitrates that came along with that well water. It worked well when I was only using a 10 gallon to prefilter but not so well now that I am using a 30 gallon. When I e-mailed API about what exactly the nitrate ion was exchanged for and found out it was sodium I stopped using it. Now I have two corner filters (along with the main filtration) in my goldies tank that I am using for extra aeration and to seed some Seachem Matrix for my upcoming 150. It supposed to be able to grow the bacteria that eats nitrates (as well as the other good bacteria) and it actually seems to be working. I guess the idea to Matrix is similar to live rock. Even though I put water in their tank with Nitrates I have not had a problem at all with it. I have no plants as of yet because I do not want snails so I know that's not keeping the nitrates down. I may try finding some seeds for plants and attempt to grow some myself. I know goldies love them.
  17. Great article. Thank you for posting this. Very helpful.
  18. Thank-you so much for your responses. I feel better now. The calcuim build up does kinda annoy me at times but I just clean it up the best I can with vinegar during my monthly filter maintenance.
  19. Hiya everyone. I have well water that's 400ppm gh and 250ppm kh with a ph of 8.2 - 8.4. I have been cutting it with RO/DI water for their weekly 30% water changes (currently a 56 gallon column) that I have been hauling in 5 gallon bottles and using it 50/50 to halve those numbers (ph comes in at about 7.8). I'm moving my babies (4 shubunkins) into a 150 within the next month or so. With that I also want to do bigger weekly water changes, but with the cost of RO water and such I don't think that will be possible to do it with RO water any more. Not until a possible RO system gets installed into the house. So my question is, is 400ppm gh and 250gh too much for my goldfish? I have read on this site and various other places that the PH is okay, but the hardness I can't find much info on. I would very slowly change them over to complete well water. I don't want to hurt or stress my fish, so if I could get anyones opinions or suggestions I would be very grateful. Thanks!
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