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  1. Lol, yes Aubrey...the requisite pics as soon as I am done fiddling with the tank.
  2. Ok placed sand in the tank after rinsing a lot and everything looks good. Took forever to clean the tank, the water changer did not fit on my kitchen sink, but since I started I wanted to finish. I'll look for an adapter another day. Does anyone know how long to boil the rocks for? Just til boiling...5 mins...10 mins...? I also had a silk plant that I didn't like before with Comet since he was so big, but I think I am going to cut it in half, and place half on one side and half on the other.
  3. Hi and welcome back...looking forward to getting to know you and your new babies.
  4. Hi and welcome to the forums! Can't wait to see your progress with lots and lots of pics!
  5. Hi and welcome back! I hope you remembered the rules after you get your goldies...lots and lots of pics!
  6. Hi and welcome! Your tank is beautiful and the babies are darling!
  7. Hello and welcome! Your tank is great and I love how they stacked themselves and posed inside of the Pagoda!
  8. I can't wait to see pictures of all your fish and their tanks!
  9. Good morning George and welcome to Koko's! You have 3 beautiful little darlings and I can't wait to see pictures as they grow!
  10. Hi! Beautiful fish, really nice setup! I can't wait to see pictures as they grow!
  11. I am so very sorry for your loss. RIP Spartacus.
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