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  1. Thanks Jenzaar! Will do:)
  2. Thanks so much! It's my favorite too
  3. AHA, really? That's fantastic!
  4. Here's a picture of my rock formation and my java moss balls!
  5. Just a heads up - Those catfish were leftovers from a 15 gallon freshwater tank that I had. Unfortunately I had to move so I could only keep one tank. Currently, trying to rehome them! I had three named Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed. A few months ago Ed died But his buddies are going strong! (And yes I have a heater and I also have an aquaclear 110 on the tank which gives approximately 500 gph)
  6. Wow everyone! Thanks for all the feedback! Mufasa, Simba, and I all really appreciate it! Here's some more pictures to show our gratitude !
  7. Water Changes, Water Changes, water changes! I used to never do water changes and only replenish the evaporated water when needed. After a few fish died I researched why and since then I've been pretty successful. Even now I don't do enough! Working on that though!
  8. Thanks every for the welcomes! I love keeping goldfish ahah. And yeah, I love the cuddle picture! They're adorable
  9. Thanks! I saw it in a fish magazine!
  10. Thanks everyone!! And Tithra, love your youtube videos!!
  11. That's a good idea Shukura!!
  12. Thanks Chai! I've had them for about 2 years now
  13. Thaoster - Thank you! I saw it on youtube and was like "I need this!" lol
  14. Thanks Heidi030! I love Ryukins!
  15. Thanks Soupmonster! Yeah I've been keeping fish for a few years, and keeping goldies for the past 3 years Thanks Katiehuggins! It was a new thing I wanted to try!
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