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  1. I know Metro is available through Helen, but what about the other medication? Is that available in Australia?
  2. Helen, we've already pulled the silicone out, but I'm happy to document the rest of the process.
  3. Just spoke to an aquarium builder. He said, as long as we clean the joints thoroughly with metho and use special aquarium silicone to reseal it, we don't have to remove the old silicone from the actual joins. Phew!!! I've been losing sleep on this.
  4. My concern is, I don't want to take the tank apart into pieces.. Can I still leave the silicone on that they have joined the panels together with, so that the tank holds it's shape and just re-silicone along the inside seams? Does that make sense?
  5. Bad news. Not so much of a bargain after all. After I got it home, I notices two things. Dark black mold on the silicone where the gravel had been and also where the hood was hiding the silicone. The silicone on the back of the tank had been replaced, and not been done properly, so it had lifted and there was water under the glass. So, now we have to reseal the tank. My husband is going to do it. Fingers crossed it doesn't leak. I'm so disappointed. I wish I hadn't bought it.
  6. The guy I'm buying it from sent me another photo. I'm getting really excited now. Can't wait till the weekend to pick it up!!!
  7. Omg! That's such a shock. I'm so so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace Vann. Such a beautiful boy. xx
  8. I've only paid a deposit. The tank was full, so obviously I couldn't see the bottom. I'll give it a good look over next weekend before I make the final purchase. Going by the condition of the rest of the tank, it should be really good. The guy has brand new spare lighting tubes and a brand new spare power head from the filter, as he was originally from the country and didn't get to fish shops very often. So, I have those in the price as well and a couple of heaters too! Off to look in the yellow pages!
  9. Actually, yes it does. But only when something special comes along.
  10. I have a photo of what I want it to look like, I just have no idea how I go about making it look that way. lol I wonder if there is someone out there who could do it for me?
  11. Sterilising or cycling? You can use a 1:9 bleach to water solution to sterilise everything. For cycling, you can either borrow some media from a cycled tank or start from scratch. Since we can't get pure ammonia easily here, your best bet would be to use fish food. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/112965-fishless-cycle-instructions/ Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I want to know how I sterilize everything. I've only my ever started with new tanks and new filters before, so I've never had to worry. I'm assuming once its cleaned with bleach, I just thoroughly rinse it in water?
  12. Clearly, this had fish in it too, but they were at extra cost and I didn't want any of them. Picking it up in a week will give the guy time to re-home them. A quick question. Clearly I'm going to have to sterilize the tank and filter, which will kill the cycle. How do I go about it?
  13. So, I wasn't really looking for a new tank, but I was looking through the classified and I saw an ad for a 6 foot, 540 litre Aqua One. Paid $1800 new, selling for $800. Even though it was an hour and a half drive away, I decided to take a look. It was HUGE!!! And in almost perfect condition. Long story short and $750 dollars later, I am the proud owner of a almost new 6 foot fish tank. It will look so much better with my goldies in it. I pick it up next weekend with a van, because its too long for our car. So excited!!!
  14. Lol - well I stand corrected. They work well because they don't collapse.
  15. I have successfully raised two batches of fry to adulthood in this past year, and I found the easiest way to move them was to scoop them out with a tea strainer. No harm to the fry and its something everybody has.
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