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  1. sad update the fish has died after choking on a pebble. i am giving up the hobby.

    RIP my comet

    i have decided that will be the last ever goldfish i will ever purchase, I am moving on to dogs, and quitting the hobby.

    RIP my comet

    goodbye my best friend it was just time. In your last days, you gave me so much stress, but i feel free now that you are gone. I feel like a new man
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4pZFMMkKoc all i can say that he has this whititsh line on the ray of his left pelvic fin
  5. So i've removed the carbon and can i treat with prazi now???????
  6. Which part is the carbon in a tetra whisper 10 filter????
  7. Can I just remove the carbon, do a water change and star PRazi, tommorpw?
  8. I don't want to spend too much money on my fish. Plus what can I do in the meantime???
  9. i am moving to a new house this septemebr so i dont have time to set up a new tank does anyone have a fish that exhibited symptoms similar to mine???? how Do I keep the parasites at bay while the tank is cycling? it's better to treat now before the onset of lethargy, bottom sitting and not eatig appear.
  10. IT'S internal, now what should I do when I get home???
  11. JUST TELL ME guys what is wrong with my fish, Parasites or cycle problem??? i am confused
  12. but how do i get the carbon out??? I want to heal my fish of whatever parasite he has???
  13. so, do water cahnge disconnect filter, add prazi????
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