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  1. Another Photoshoot (EXTREMELY Pic Heavy!)

    Great pics! I love the calico oranda, but they're all beautiful.
  2. New Orandas

    Both are beautiful fish. I'm a big fan of both blue and calico orandas so I'm quite jealous. Best of luck with them!
  3. New baby<3

    Super cute! That's one I'd like to steal.
  4. Who has the biggest Koko's Goldfish?

    Thankyou for the pics! Wow he is beautiful! Look at those perfect uniform scales! He certainly grew up didn't he??? and look at that wenn!!! When did his wenn come in? about how big was he? aw I am in awe! His wen developed gradually. It began to get really noticeable probably six months after I got him.
  5. My pearlscale Max

    Thanks for the nice comments everybody. Max is really a "no fuss" fish. He hoovers up all the food that he can get and just swims around minding his own business.
  6. My pearlscale Max

    This is MaxFli - Max for short. I took all of these shots this morning except for the first one. It was taken in Feb 2013 right after I got him. As you can see he's gotten quite a bit bigger in the 2+ years that I've had him. I don't know how much he weighed when I got him; he was really small. I'm sure it was under 10 grams. I weighed him about two weeks ago and he weighed 315 grams.
  7. Who has the biggest Koko's Goldfish?

    Here's Max I found this pic when I was in the process of copying the ones I took this morning over to my computer It's from when I got him in Feb 2013. He's hiding in the corner. He was really camera shy when he was little. These are from this morning. I tried to include a few of his temporary tank mates to help show his size in comparison. His belly is about the size of a tennis ball.
  8. My Tanks

    Beautiful tanks and I love the fish! Well done.
  9. Who has the biggest Koko's Goldfish?

    You need to post photo's please of these fish. I'm really interested in seeing Max. I agree 4 pretty fish. I have a little 33g pearlscale... I want to see how big my pOdge will be when he gets to 315g! Please please please photos..... I'll try to post a couple of pics of Max tomorrow for you guys.
  10. Weight and size of your fish?

    Update on a few of these guys. The ryukin with no name I named Telstar. He's now about 6" in length and weighs 268g. Maxfli the pearlscale is still my heaviest fish. He's at 315g now. And Hubble who weighed 9g a little over a year ago weighed 148g this morning!
  11. Who has the biggest Koko's Goldfish?

    My heaviest goldfish is Max. He's a pearlscale and weighs 315g. Biggest fancy sizewise is my calico ryukin Telstar who is about 6 inches body length and weighs 268g. Longest is Shrub. She's a female shubunkin and is about 6 inches body length plus 4 inches of caudal fin.
  12. New(ish) Orandas

    I've always had a soft spot for Orandas. I bought these two guys at the local PetsMart about a month ago. I haven't had a chocolate Oranda in at least ten years and I thought the orange one had really nice body shape and finnage. The goal here is to raise these two hoping at least one is female and then breed them with my calico telescope.
  13. One of last year's shubunkins

    Thanks. I'm not too happy with those pictures. I'm trying something different and it's not working like I want it too. On the plus side, they are fairly sharp and the color is good so it's not all bad. The fish (haven't named it/don't know the sex yet) is right at three inches body length. About five nose to tail.
  14. 2015 fry have arrived!

    The babies are about seven weeks old now, I thought I'd post a few pics. They seem to be doing great; they're growing nicely. They are getting Hikari baby pellets exclusively now. I can't wait for these guys to get big!
  15. Hubble the telescope

    Plus one more of Hubble. This isn't a good photo but it is a good representation of how he really looks color-wise. I thought in the pictures above his coloring looks washed out.