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  1. Thank you all! I forgot to post a picture of the entire tank. But this is the entire tank:
  2. Hello I'm Eline and I own at the moment 3 goldfish. They are living in a 40 gallon tank since December. I'll introduce my fish: My fish Erin: I got Erin from someone who had him, with three others, in a little bowl (2 gallon I guess), I didn't know much about goldfish. But I had a tank which was bigger than the bowl. He went into a 7 gallon tank with the others for about a year. And went later for a couple of months into a 19 gallon tank. And then last December he got into a 40 gallon tank, in which he grew very hard in Oh, and Erin is a Ryukin. Abigail: I have Abigail for about 2 months, (s)he is an oranda. Such a lovely fish. I bought him/her because I was afraid when my goldfish Tim died (she was a female..) that they'd be spawning Faith to death... Faith: I bought Faith back in Februari, it's a female calico Two other fish which died but I still want to introduce because there will be pictures also of them: Tim; The same with Erin, also lived in a little bowl... She died on 27 April 2013 by dropsy... Hope; Hope is a real fighter, he lost his tail and an eye back in August, but got through that all but... About a week ago Hope got some trouble with swimming. And because he lost his entire tail he put too much energy to get that back. And barely grew, so his body barely grew but his vins did. I knew he was going to have some problems with his swimming bladder, but didn't knew when... He died on 2th July 2013 (so 2 days ago...) Anyway, I talked too much... Now some pictures: Erin: September 2012: July 2013: Abigail: May 2013 (on the day I bought him) July 2013: Faith Beginning of Febuari, how I bought her: July 2013: ------------------------------------- And now the ones who died... Hope: September 2012 June 2013: Tim: September 2012 March 2013: Greetings.
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