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  1. Sorry folks haven't gotten the water tested had family emergency won't know what the future will hold. I don't know if we will be back in the emergency room again. I did not clean the filter or add water yesterday to see if that would make a difference. I am not going to do that again. These are hot days and it needs to be cleaned every day. Cleaned it this morning exchanged 20 gallons as usual and the fish are status quo. The same fish seem to be rubbing themselves. The water is clear and cool to the touch at the bottom and warms up toward the top. The pond has partial shade during the heat of the day. Nobody looks like they are in trouble. Still eating well. Reducing the feeding from 4 times a day to 3 times a day because it will be in the low 80's for the next couple of days. Gotta go now need to find out what is happening with my brother-in-law. Things are a bit scary right now. Thanks for everything guys.
  2. Thanks dnalex!! I love the pic. But nope it is not him. The shape of the mouth is right only has a bigger mouth. The stripes are going the wrong way, they are up and down. The stripes are solid soft brown and thicker. The eyes are solid black and a bit smaller. He is longer and has a more slender sleek body. The fins and tail are solid black. When he is looking straight at you the top of his head is sort of flat. I'll get my sister to get a pic on her phone. I tell you this fish just can't be uncommon. He is exceptionally pretty to me however he was donated to the pet store pictures of him have got to be out there somewhere. Please if you know of an online sight I can search let me know. There has got to be a comprehensive sight that you can search by their features. He is not a goldfish nor a catfish, shark..
  3. Thanks for the pic King Poseidon. That is not him. My El Tigre is much prettier and the face is not so pointy and flat. The lips are like a fat frown, like his mouth is designed to pick stuff off the top of the water. He has soft brown stripes, black fins, top of his head is sort of flat and brown and the solid black spot on the top looks like a bad toupe has been colored in. I don't think he likes me because he stays hidden yet when my sister goes out there to watch the fish he comes and swims about. The couple of times he has come out for me he just stays still in one spot and looks straight at me. I'm the one who cleans the pound maybe he doesn't like the vacuum. Since I cannot seem to get a camera for a pic could you recommend a sight online that I can look find his breed. I guess I'm not doing such a good job of describing him.
  4. Hi Tithra, Will get to the pet store tomorrow with the water samples. Can't get my hands on a camera for vid or pics. I have been watching these fish for days and I know they are not right. My sister says as long as the water is clear they are ok and I'm just flipping out but she is not correct. This is how I clean the filters. Take out the pump apart and rinse the scrubbers (those spongy things) with the hose, rinse any muck from the intake filter screen and backwash the hose, rinse out and back wash the return hose, wipe down and rinse the insides of the housing for any green slime, fill the housing unit with the hose and put the scrubbers and everything back together. Start up the pum and let the return run into the bushes not the pond. When I vacuum I just get the wet vac and vacuum up what is right there on the bottom, sometimes I brush it into a pile. No big production, haven't really moved the rocks out because that is where the fish run to. Then I fill the 20 gallon bucket put in the chlorine remover plus and let it set for about 5 minutes while I water the flower beds. Slowly I add the water to the pond. This is all done about 6 in the morning because it is at its coolest. Then I feed them. The fish and the two plants are always in the water.
  5. The pond has been set up for just maybe a month. As I am researching it I see that it was definitely not done correctly. No cycling of the pond, no water treatments. The water is clear, was using Tetra pond clairifier four days agoa and today I put barleyclarifier to start a monthly routine. I have lost two fish over the past three days. They are little ones but losing any is too many. Their appetites are good. Just a couple of the black goldfish are overeaters. I have started soaking their pellets and pond sticks because I think one died with that floating problem. Here is how the pond got started. It is not mine it is my sisters. My brother-in-law got a pond (250 gal), you know like the one you see at home depot, dug a hole and put it in the ground, filled it with water and got about 20 little gold fish at the discount pet store. Kids loved it. A couple days later started losing fish, not a lot but some, pet store guy said "yeah you'll need a pump." Went out got a good sized used pump to filter the water, the return was used as a waterfall for aeration. Went out and got some more fish, larger this time because the pet store guy said so, smaller ones just won't make it. As soon as the weather warmed up the pond turned green with algae and muck and smelled! Lost more fish. Took the fish out got started from scratch, cleaned, complete change of water, started cleaning the filter daily rather than once or twice a week, vacuuming daily, lots of pooh, a lot of fish a lot of pooh, and it is windy over here so flowers and leaves need to be cleaned out can't really keep up with skimming. Got some beautiful goldfish and some giveaways from donations, a plecos which is doing very well, an unidentified larger striped fish(not a goldfish), a six year old goldlfish, a donated koi spotted colors bought a beautiful black moor, and some others but now there are about forty. I feel there are too many they don't. I just want them to be healthy and happy. My sister has her hands full with her kids she is adopting so I have taken over. This is an exercise from the heart and I want to do it correctly.
  6. It is a deliberate action. It is more than one fish doing this but not all of them. There isn't any gravel on the bottom of the pond so he just slides along the bottom then slides along the sides. The only thing I can think of when I add water to the pond I use a chlorine remover with a slime coating included. Perhaps this is too much chemicals for them. I use the brand TotalPond. I add about 20 gallons of water exchange after I vacuum. I do this everyday. It is in the high 80's right now will be in the 90's tomorrow. Can it be the heat? As soon as I get paid will get water test and treatments but right now should I be worried. I am already worried. Is this usually of symptom of something specifically wrong, like ph or nitrates. All of this is so new. I need to get a good book to explain how all this works and the affects on the fish. My lovely fish. I didn't know I could love fish. I am a dog person, then found I loved cats, now fish.
  7. I have observed the goldfish turning sideways and running their bodies along the bottom of the pond. Also swiping their body along the sides. Is this normal behavior or are they in trouble? I am brand new to goldfish and everything I am reading this was started incorrectly. Had some water problems clarity, excessive algae..seems to be under control with partial water changes, regular vacuuming of the bottom, daily filter changes but this rubbing their body on the bottom and sides doesn't seem right. The weather has warmed up quite a bit would that cause this? Any thoughts, anyone got an idea. My sister says they are probably just sliming themselves. Don't know. I will appreciate any thoughts and comments. Are any of your fishes doing this?
  8. Thanks everyone for the replys. Still trying get a pic to post. Saw the lovely today so he is still with me. A bit bummed because for two days straight I have lost a fish. And today my black moor is acting as if he is looking for air. Don't know what is wrong but I need to get the water tested. We have had high temps perhaps he can't take it.
  9. To start please forgive if I am not doing this correctly, new to all this, not familiar with forums and such. I have an small outdoor pond 250 gal. freshwater with various sizes of goldfish fancy and common. Have acquired a long slender black fish with brown stripes. He looks like a tiger not a tigerfish. He has an upturned thick mouth unlike the goldfishes. He is lovely, he stays hidden on the bottom in his rock and he aggressively defends his cubby hole. But I have never seen him harm the smaller fish. I have never seen him come out to eat and this worrys me. The last couple of days he has come out during the feeding times and just stays still looking at me and not going for food at all. He looks at me like he is trying to talk to me. The pet store gave him up for adoption because he was donated and too big for their small fish tanks. The fish was with the smaller goldfish. I am trying to get a photo of it uploaded but not yet. I have searched the internet unending and can't seem to find a picture of this fish to identify it and find out if he has special needs. Any advice, anyone!! I don't want to lose him. Worried, Christina
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