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  1. Hello! I'm also from BC. I know of a guy down in Oregon that breeds Ranchus. Here's his blog: http://...................blogspot.ca/ I emailed him just now to ask if he ships internationally, which I *think* he does but not entirely sure. You can look at his blog for videos of his fish, they are super cute when they are little, although I'm not sure of how high quality they are. Hope it helps in some way! xD
  2. Yeah I think I'll ask at the post office as well... It's a good point ^^
  3. Wow all of these are gorgeous! Really gets me inspired to find an idea for my tattoo hehe
  4. Would be awesome to see some photos of peoples filter plants! I'm interested in putting lots of plants in my tank.
  5. Awwh this is heartbreaking to read about You're doing all you can and that is important, he loves you and you're taking the best care of him. Let's hope he makes a full recovery!!
  6. Today I noticed there are two other pinholes in her pelvic fins, one in each... What should I do? Do you think she has got an infection?
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