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  1. Ph 7.6 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 10ppm Ammonia 0.25
  2. You are sooo helpful!! I'm going to test the water in the new tank again after work. It will have been sitting for 24 hours. Ill post the results tonight. So far the new fish seem pretty happy & they both eat a ton!! Ill also post a video =). My white long tail Ryukin had some red streaks in his fins when he arrived, but they are already getting better. I'm guessing it was a result of a 3 day trip from Hawaii.
  3. So 2 cups will do 80 gallons & 1/4 cup to make 90 gallons? The tank the fish are in is 7.6 & new tank & tap are 6.8 =(. Once that raises the ph will it raise more as it ages?? And how will I maintain a stable ph doing water changes??
  4. Oopsie!! I double posted! I thought the first one didn't post. Sorry guys!
  5. I just read something somewhere that said that sea shells will raise ph? Would that include snail shells?? I have one in there. The 90 gal is set up but I'm waiting to put the fish in due to the ph difference.
  6. Would having snail shells in my tank have anything to do with my ph difference? I just read somewhere that seashells will raise it over time as well as coral.
  7. Ok, we're going to buy 2 then tomorrow. The fish have been in for 5 hours 15 mins & the levels are: Ph 7.6 Ammonia 0.5 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5.0
  8. So fish are here, & into the 30gal. Going to test the water when I get home. I can't find a large enough filter for the 90 though. Largest one filters 560 gph
  9. So your tap is 6.6 and your tank thats been running for awhile is 7.4? You will want to limit the amount of water changes so that there is no more than a .4 to .5 difference in ph. Roughly that would be 40-50% maximum tank volume during a water change. Generally its recommended to change out about 50% per week so that would put you in that range without having to mess with aging your water etc.Edit: Do you know your gh and kh values of your tap water? Ill test once my son is asleep! So 50% water changes once a week?
  10. What are you using to raise your tank pH to 7.4-7.6?I just use prime chlorine remover & that's it Do you have any coral in your tank? No I don't
  11. What are you using to raise your tank pH to 7.4-7.6? I just use prime chlorine remover & that's it
  12. How does a canister filter work? & how is it installed?
  13. My tap water ph is 6.6 by the way =)
  14. Oops.. Aqueon 30, not 90 & it filters 200 gph
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