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  1. So, I ultimately want to breed Tosakins, but I have never bred goldfish before. I have had some when I was younger, but it has been a while. I want to get back to being used to taking care of Goldfish and figure out how to breed them before attempting this with Tosakins. I have done a good bit of research and I am aware that Tosakins are very delicate and are poor swimmers. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I should start? Tosakins are very expensive and rare so I don't want to try to take them on until I am ready. I am looking for a type of goldie that is easier to get and has some of the same challenges that a Tosakin has in being a poor swimmer and possibly having some of the same health problems. I know that it is generally believed that Tosakins developed from Ryukins, but I am not sure what would be the best place to start off. I would love to hear suggestions and get some help in figuring this out! Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am new here! I grew up with goldfish... in a bowl I was 4 at the time and didn't know any better, and we did do water changes every other day. Though I am fully aware now that this is not the way to keep fish! Since the I have done the whole tropical fish thing with tetras, danios, and guppies and such and now have an empty 10 gallon tank. All the tropical fish passed away from old age except a red eyed tetra that was at least 4 years old and not particularly nice to newcomers. Well Betty, said red eyed tetra, passed away about a month and a half ago, and in a way I am relieved because she just looked tired and worn out for the past year. The tank is in good condition as it the water, which I tested fairly recently (though I definitely will test again before I get any fish). I am here because I have a, perhaps crazy, dream. I want to breed tosakins! I know this is something I will not be doing right this second being as I will need to get fish and raise them and have at least one pair and significantly more tank space (obviously) and perhaps some experience with other goldies that aren't so expensive. I thought I would say hi and see if anyone had any thoughts about this dream of mine! Also, does anyone have suggestions for my 10 gallon? I know it's definitely not big enough for goldies long term, possibly even short term...
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