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  1. That was a great post Thanks so much for sharing your pics and documenting so well!
  2. That would be so cool to see that! I wish I could have seen it!
  3. You're welcome Your fish are so lucky to have a "fish mommy" like you
  4. Hi everyone! I'm posting for Kristysweets. Here's her post in the disease forum: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=34409 Just wanted to know how to safely lower her Ph and if it needs to be lowered. Also, what causes the Ph to be so high? The water is 8.4 coming out of the tap and 8.4 in the tank. Thanks!
  5. Here's some info about salt and the correct dosage: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...?showtopic=8382 I've usually found that fins that are splitting or shredding is a sign of poor water quality. It doesn't seem as though the water parameters are bad except for the high Ph level. I posted for you in the water chemistry forum to help find out how to safely lower your Ph if you want to try that
  6. I would probably get a kit that is a liquid test kit. They are more accurate than the test strip kinds. I would make sure that it contains testing kits for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and Ph at the least. Hope this helps
  7. I think that your plan of gradually doing mini water changes until the water is clean sounds great Great job on rescuing the little guy! I probably would add an airstone to his bucket as well
  8. Hi and It would really help us out if you could give us some more info about the symptoms of your goldfish. Also, if they're doing any unusual behaviours. Also in the future you might want to look at upgrading your tank as fancy type goldfish such as yours require at the minimum 10 gallons per goldfish. The reason why they need so much space is because they produce massive amounts of waste compared to tropicals and they grow very large as well. What kind of plecos do you have? It isn't recommended putting common plecos in with goldfish. One reason is that goldfish produce a lot of slime on their bodies. When plecos get bigger they get more aggressive and they tend to try to suck on the goldies bodies, eyes, etc. There have been many cases of plecos sucking off eyes and damaging the bodies of goldfish. Many people, myself included, have sworn that their plecos are okay but then the unthinkable happens and they have found their plecos attacking their goldfish. Please post back with more info on the symptoms and behaviours of your goldies!
  9. My moor has seemed to adapt to the situation that he's in. Before I knew anything about the compatibility of comets, lionheads, and moors, I had added one moor and a lionhead to the tank with a very small comet in it. Yes, Frankie (the comet) is very fast and Susie (lionhead) comes in second but Lalune (my moor) always just follows them around when it's food time and gets a good portion herself. She seems to do just fine. I've also heard of using a terra cotta plate as a feeding dish and then dropping the food into a tube leading to the plate for moors.
  10. First of all Well, the gasping could be a sign of low oxygen levels in the tank. Do you have an airstone? If you don't it would be a good time to add one now. It looks to me as though the tank is still cycling. The Nitrite should be at 0 so it would be better for the goldies if you did mini water changes daily so that they don't get stressed out from the nitrites. Here's some info about the cycling of a tank: http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/cycle.html It will help your goldfish deal with the stress of the nitrites by adding some aquarium salt, dissolved in tank water first, to the tank. You can add 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons or 1 teaspoon per gallon of tank water. The water changes will also help with the nitrates. Once they get too high, over 20, they are dangerous for goldfish. A goldfish that isn't able to balance himself usually has swim bladder disorder. Here's some info that will help you fix that problem: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=12750 I hope this helps!
  11. What is the little guy being fed? And approximately how big is he?
  12. There's a pinned thread in Discussions so I quoted your post and put it up there for you!
  13. I would probably treat the fish that have been exposed to dropsy. I find that sometimes they don't show any symptoms of disease but could still be carrying something. After the treatment I would put them with the new fish.
  14. Ugh what a terrible experience! Here's some of this and I had all my fish die in my tropical tank due to a heater that broke and just kept heating up the tank hotter and hotter during the night. It was awful so I know how you feel! Hope you feel better soon
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