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  1. In the past, reviews show people were getting good fish from him. It seems that only recently people have encountered problems with the health of the fish they bought. Tommy has compounded the problem with the way he handles complaints and problems. I don't know what else a person can do, other than share their experience when they have one. Which is what I did in the hopes it might help someone else.
  2. Probably people who have bought fish from them in the past. If I'm buying from a new supplier, I research them heavily, but if I bought from them in the past and was pleased with my purchase I generally don't research them again to see if anything has changed. Maybe I should, but I don't think most people do this. I wouldn't have had a clue about the current problems with GoldfishNet if I hadn't read about them here. Right. Well, I mean, the goldfish community is pretty tight-knit. I wonder where these people are that are buying his $300 fish. They don't really seem to be vocal or apart of any community as I never see reviews, YouTube videos, or comments on his fish. Whereas places like Dandys, I just have to YouTube Dandy videos and there are dozens of reviews. I'm one of them and you can see my comments about it in the thread at Goldfish Keepers. Not sure I understand what you're getting at?
  3. Follow the online directions for Safe. They are the correct dosages. They changed the information, but there are still packages with the old directions out there. You cannot make up a batch for later use, there are no stabilizers in it. It is meant for immediate use only. Hope this helps.
  4. Goldfish Connection recommends against freezing because the fatty acids in the food go rancid quickly after thawing. Hope this helps.
  5. Sometimes you get lucky. I've got five beautiful goldfish from PetSmart. But most of the time the goldfish you find there aren't very good. For what it's worth, your local PetSmart (and I'm sure other chains as well) has absolutely NO say in the fish they receive. Zero. My son works there and he tells me that they get what they get and that's it. Too many cichlids already? Well, now they have way too many. Running low on guppies? Whatever. And they aren't given any real education on all the different kinds of fish. Please don't be hard on them if they don't know a ryukin from an oranda. Or if they know nothing about the nitrogen cycle. If they are conversant in aquaria it's because they knew it before they got hired not because they were trained at the store.
  6. Something to keep in mind when reading color based test results - color receptors in the eyes fatigue very quickly- within a few seconds, making it difficult to perceive subtle variations in shade. The longer you stare at a color, the less accurately you will see it. It's extremely helpful to have a neutral color to shift your gaze to every few seconds to counteract this effect. An 18% grey card is ideal. I'm a dental ceramist, and work with color on a daily basis. Shade matching restorations to existing dentition is critical to the successful outcome of a case. Hope this is helpful.
  7. Just happened to have weighed mine this weekend! Orange Ryukin 162g 5" Red & White Ryukin 152g 5" Black Oranda 138g 3.75" Broadtail Moor 70g 3.25" Light Orange Ryukin 44g 2.25" Orange & White Fantail 44g 2.5" Ribbon Tail Ryukin 14g 1.25"
  8. I saw my post, as well as Laura's, in your post and thought you were speaking to both of us. I was only commenting on why I personally chose not to use it. I took no umbrage whatsoever.
  9. "Use all of the packets. They are not harmful and may help. " I'm well aware they're not harmful. I simply did not need them. My tank is well established.
  10. Yeah, put your fish in another tank if you have it and turn off the filter. Let it settle for a bit before turning it back on. I drained the tank halfway, added the sand and clarifier and filled it back up. Turned the filter back on 2-3 hours later. I didn't use the bacteria, either.
  11. Instant Aquarium is packed wet and comes with packets of beneficial bacteria as well as a water clarifier. Super Naturals is dry and only has the clarifier. The clarifier works very well, by the way. I added my sand on a Friday afternoon - I took my fish out first, of course - and by Sunday afternoon my water was gin clear. It will look very cloudy when you first put it in, but it doesn't last long. My fish were only out for 2-3 hours. On Saturday it was about 95% clear and by Sunday it was completely gone.
  12. I really like that Tahitian Moon sand! I especially like the way it looks with pretty green plants in it. Some tubby little ranchus swimming around...whoops, started to daydream a little there. But seriously, I'd love to do a setup with that someday...
  13. I think four bags would be fine. You may already know this but the sand comes in two versions - Instant Aquarium and Super Naturals. The Instant Aquarium (at Fosters & Smith) is packed damp and the white sand looks kinda dull. Once it's in the tank, though, it's really bright. It will really show off your fish make your tank look bigger. Your baby derps are gonna love it!
  14. My tank is 60" wide and 18" deep and 24" tall (I think - up to my arm pits anyway). I got six bags and it gave me about 1.5". I have one of those Marineland LED lights and the shimmer effect on the white sand is just, well, wow! Just get it, you won't be sorry! I laughed out loud the first time I fed them with the new sand in. They were like, FOOD! And then it was like this slo-mo pile drive into the sand. Then they start pinwheeling their little pectoral fins backwards trying get back up! Aaaaand they turned right around and did it again. Total derps
  15. I got the white. It's called "moonlight sand". It's just beautiful. I kept waffling about whether or not to get it, and I'm really glad I did. An unexpected advantage is how much easier it is to put in plants. I have a 120, and it's a long reach into it. I always found it hard to push plants down into the pebbles I used to have and it tears up my weak little nails something fierce. Not to mention the bruises on the inside of my arms. With sand it's just this gentle little push and done! Here's the fun part - watching my big fat ryukins, previously used to the resistance from gravel, totally face plant into the super soft sand when they're going after food! Sooo cute!!
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