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  1. Follow the online directions for Safe. They are the correct dosages. They changed the information, but there are still packages with the old directions out there. You cannot make up a batch for later use, there are no stabilizers in it. It is meant for immediate use only. Hope this helps.
  2. How to make Metro Meds last longer

    Goldfish Connection recommends against freezing because the fatty acids in the food go rancid quickly after thawing. Hope this helps.
  3. Sometimes you get lucky. I've got five beautiful goldfish from PetSmart. But most of the time the goldfish you find there aren't very good. For what it's worth, your local PetSmart (and I'm sure other chains as well) has absolutely NO say in the fish they receive. Zero. My son works there and he tells me that they get what they get and that's it. Too many cichlids already? Well, now they have way too many. Running low on guppies? Whatever. And they aren't given any real education on all the different kinds of fish. Please don't be hard on them if they don't know a ryukin from an oranda. Or if they know nothing about the nitrogen cycle. If they are conversant in aquaria it's because they knew it before they got hired not because they were trained at the store.
  4. Forum Crashes in Tapatalk

    Yay! I was busy at work so I couldn't check my phone for a while. Just picked it up and saw all the messages. Koko's is back up and working! Thanks so much!
  5. Forum Crashes in Tapatalk

    Good morning everybody! Went back and forth with Tapatalk last night. This is their quote: "I have checked this forum on our server side and found that status of this forum is "Not Publish". Are you the forum owner?" Of course I told them I'm not the owner and this is their reply: "So please ask the forum owner about it. I think he got some error when upgrade the plugin." Hopefully Koko can get in touch with them and find a fix!
  6. Forum Crashes in Tapatalk

    Yeah, I'm thinking it's something on their end. All the other forums I use show up in search except this one.
  7. Forum Crashes in Tapatalk

    Tried that, too. Nothing.
  8. Forum Crashes in Tapatalk

    Good idea! When I type in Koko's, it literally says "no result". If I put in "goldfish" there are only five results and Koko's isn't on the list. Same thing if I try "aquarium".
  9. Forum Crashes in Tapatalk

    Dnalex - If you remove it from your forum list does it show up when you search for it?
  10. Forum Crashes in Tapatalk

    I'm waiting for a response from Tapatalk. I haven't done a hard reset. Apple only recommends doing that a a last resort or if the device won't restart. Since I don't have any other problems with my phone I'm going to hold off on trying that.
  11. Forum Crashes in Tapatalk

    I'm having an issue with Tapatalk today. It kept asking me to log in to this forum and when I try, it tells me my account doesn't exist. Tried deleting and re-adding Kokos forum, and now it doesn't even show up in Tapatalk no matter how I search for it. Don't know what's going on.
  12. Something to keep in mind when reading color based test results - color receptors in the eyes fatigue very quickly- within a few seconds, making it difficult to perceive subtle variations in shade. The longer you stare at a color, the less accurately you will see it. It's extremely helpful to have a neutral color to shift your gaze to every few seconds to counteract this effect. An 18% grey card is ideal. I'm a dental ceramist, and work with color on a daily basis. Shade matching restorations to existing dentition is critical to the successful outcome of a case. Hope this is helpful.
  13. Weight and size of your fish?

    Just happened to have weighed mine this weekend! Orange Ryukin 162g 5" Red & White Ryukin 152g 5" Black Oranda 138g 3.75" Broadtail Moor 70g 3.25" Light Orange Ryukin 44g 2.25" Orange & White Fantail 44g 2.5" Ribbon Tail Ryukin 14g 1.25"
  14. Cheapest place to buy CaribSea sand?

    I saw my post, as well as Laura's, in your post and thought you were speaking to both of us. I was only commenting on why I personally chose not to use it. I took no umbrage whatsoever.
  15. Cheapest place to buy CaribSea sand?

    "Use all of the packets. They are not harmful and may help. " I'm well aware they're not harmful. I simply did not need them. My tank is well established.