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  1. I'd appreciate any recommendations you fine folks can give me about what brand & model air stone/wand I should get for my tank. It's a 55 gallon, and it'll be barebottom. Same thing for an in tank thermometer. Thanks in advance.
  2. Wow, what an eye catching setup. Tumblelina is a real looker man, she's gorgeous.
  3. Yeah that's the plan. But even that step is a bit further down the road. Now and the next coming weeks I'll be eyeing the net looking for bubble wands, the best water test kits, an in tank thermometer, that water syphon/hose thing, a second filter, a second hospital tank, and stuff like that. After I have all that I'll start a fishless cycle, order some food, and then troll the local fish stores and goldfish auction sites for a futur- finned-friend.
  4. Of course, but it'll take some time. I've still got a lot left on my goldfish shopping list.
  5. It's an Aqua Thrust & Clean 300. The seller loves this brand/style, as he had three other smaller versions filtering his three separate tropical 20 gallon tanks. I've got the box for it, and it looks pretty sharp. It pumps 300 gph, so not enough for my tank. That's fine, I assumed I was going to run two filters on my setup anyway. I think for the second I'll pick up an Aquaclear 70, a nice HOB for a newb like me.
  6. Craigslist came through for me. Picked this 55 up (48 inches long), and I’m really pleased with it. Below are pics of the setup in the seller’s house. It came with the stand, hood, bulbs, internal filter, spare filter media, receipts, versa tops, and other goodies. My plan is to use this as a home for 2-3 fancies in the future. Think it’ll do?
  7. Oh snap, fish named after Street Fighter characters! Nice! Welcome. For newbs like us this forum is a gold mine.
  8. Veggies taste good on their own. But cut em into spirals...Epic.
  9. Both fish are amazing. Personally speaking the little bronze guy has a look that I'd love to snap up for my future tank. Keep us posted on how he/she develops.
  10. Thanks for the prompt welcome everyone. I've certainly got the fish bug. Yesterday evening as my wife and I took a leisurely walk I attempted to introduce the nitrogen cycle to her. As I awkwardly stumbled through its explanation as only a novice can do, she eventually interrupted with "Babe, you know I'm going to forget this right?"
  11. Future fishkeeper in the making here. Thrilled to have found a forum and community like this, and let me just say that I'm completely impressed by the amount of information that I've already uncovered from here and sites like this one. I've already took in so much great content, from water change how-to's, to goldfish stocking guidelines. I'm taking it all in like a sponge, and honestly enjoying the learning process. I don't have any fish at the moment, but I'm working out a deal with someone to obtain a 55 gallon with stand. Then I'll start the hunt for the other necessities like proper filtration, test kits, a hospital tank, bubble wand or equivalent, ect. I'm brand new to the hobby, and its pretty exciting. Get ready for a bunch of newbie questions, and be prepared to explain it to me like I'm a small child. Anyway, glad to meet everyone!
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