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  1. Thanks koko, He was really happy to get a pellets! I guess he has to live alone now in a different tank. Is it ok that I put a fish with him once in a while for a couple of hours or that will stress the other fish. So he's not so lonely. Anyhow , hes actually more straitght today
  2. H, He's the same poor guy, he was a bit better for a week but now it seems harder for him to get up. He's always interested in food and happy when I look at him...swimming and coming to me but as soon I"m gone he's on a corner on its side. You can tell by looking from up that his body is longer on one side(left) at the end (where his tummy should stop it continue) ...maybe air or poop stuck internally? 1-How long can he lives like that, is he suffering? 2-I still only feed him peas and duckweed, is that sufficient for his need? 3-any other suggestion?
  3. Thanks, I will do this for a week and see how it goes! I don't think if it's for a week they're will be an overuse as if I would follow the protocol for 30 days. Only people that had result with it could probably debate about this protocol and that is not my case. Thanks for both of your view Koko and Mjfromga
  4. umm i dont' get it! Day 1: Big WC (>50%), add Prazi. This is the beginning of Round 1. Day 5: Big WC (>50%), This is the end of Round 1. I don't see Day 2: Day3 Day 4: WC so how is it everyday? quote <<if you follow this you will be being water changes every day >>
  5. Just to remember I don't have any filter at the moment, I probably should put it back if I have to change the water only 4 days later right?
  6. Whn changing the water(90%) should I put again prazi ? fish always the same, happy to see me eat his peas but then on its side or upside down relaxing. He does have some green poops, and diarrhea?
  7. about 3 weeks ago only one doze with the others
  8. Koko should I try the garlic and bloodworm? 1 clove of crush garlic added to 1 cube of bloodworms?
  9. He's back on his side when I'm not wiht him. Should I stop his medication? (metro in water and in his peas mix with duckweed. I was taking picture with my IPAD but it died last week on me. My phone probably won't show you anything clear. I do have another camera , just got to find the charger. What should I feed him, he probalby can't survive only on peas and duckweed right? one side of hi body is still longer, that seems to me that his still blocked. Top of head abit paler like white but no spot just paler.
  10. Thanks mjfromga for the information on temperature. Ive already did since my last post He's still swimming or staying in one spot not upside down anymore soooo that's good! his belly still looks swolling but I guess if he can swim he's better. :)
  11. What's the lowest it can go? In the winter it gets pretty cold here in Qc Canada, and the aquarium that I can't move is close to the wall facing outside.
  12. The heather was too close to the aquarium and i forgot to put a timer sorry I've explained myself pretty bad in the other post..I did mention I couldn't put a heather inside but didn't explained that I put one out of the tank.