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  1. Hopefully this is just a bump. My water parameters were usually very consistent. Something definitely changed, for sure.
  2. It is very unfortunate... My heater broke down outside and I have them in two inches of water in a 10 gallon temporarily for the night. Thanks for helping out.
  3. No, it's been up for almost half a year. I just checked my water again after the 50% water change today. Ammonia went down to 0.5ppm, nitrites are between 1 and 2ppm, and nitrates are 5ppm. When I evacuated the fish, one was already showing signs of fin rot.
  4. I was doing a 80-90% water change two days ago and I forgot to add in dechlorinater before turning on the filter. It was about a minute, maybe less, before I realized this. Today, my ammonia was 2.0ppm, my nitrites were 3.0ppm, and my nitrates were 5ppm before I freaked out and did an immediate 50% water change. Did I just kill my cycle? I added extra aeration and a heater to my water garden outside and that's where my fish are currently residing (I don't think they'd last very long in my tank at this rate). Do I have to wait to establish another cycle?
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