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  1. Hopefully this is just a bump. My water parameters were usually very consistent. Something definitely changed, for sure.
  2. It is very unfortunate... My heater broke down outside and I have them in two inches of water in a 10 gallon temporarily for the night. Thanks for helping out.
  3. No, it's been up for almost half a year. I just checked my water again after the 50% water change today. Ammonia went down to 0.5ppm, nitrites are between 1 and 2ppm, and nitrates are 5ppm. When I evacuated the fish, one was already showing signs of fin rot.
  4. I was doing a 80-90% water change two days ago and I forgot to add in dechlorinater before turning on the filter. It was about a minute, maybe less, before I realized this. Today, my ammonia was 2.0ppm, my nitrites were 3.0ppm, and my nitrates were 5ppm before I freaked out and did an immediate 50% water change. Did I just kill my cycle? I added extra aeration and a heater to my water garden outside and that's where my fish are currently residing (I don't think they'd last very long in my tank at this rate). Do I have to wait to establish another cycle?
  5. Ah, I see. That is great. I don't mind if she stays on the smaller side. My only fear is that she won't live as long. I have begun to grow attached to them already. I find it amazing how much personality goldfish have compared to other fish. Anyhow, loads of thanks already everyone. You have all made me feel very welcomed.
  6. Naturally. I kept discus prior to goldfish and this is what the tank looked like before I took out the driftwood and redecorated to make it more goldfish friendly. I had everything customized by my grandfather's friends. They're the ones who got me into the fish hobby in the first place. Thank you all for the kind words about Tammy. Still, I do worry about her growth. Her past owner informed me of the fact that he kept her with a herd of 10 other guppies in that 1.5 gallon. Are you guys positive? I've been told she looks quite the oddball. Adorable, regardless!
  7. I am new to this website. I looked through youtube for how to care for goldfish videos and they led me to here. I recently adopted two goldfish and being new to the hobby I am looking to learn more on keeping goldfish. I've been browsing around for the last couple of days and this looks to be the place to do just that. I have a fantail whose previous owner kept in a 1.5 gallon bowl for about a year and a very small black moor I got from petco. You guys seem very excited about photos so I shall post some to introduce my goldfish. Joe. Not a great pic, but this is literally what he looks like in every picture. Tammy. She's well stunted as you can see. Looking better each day in the 29 gallon I have got both of them in right now though. -Thank you all for looking.
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