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  1. katiehuggins

    How many peas are to many?

    I just put my baby Ranchu into her 20g long 3 days ago, from quarantine, and she definitely is an eater.. Her diet consists of 1 pea a day, and some freeze dried blood worms. However, I notice that she is always begging, and she eats all of her food in well under 1 minute. Could I possibly feed her 2 peas a day? Is that too much fiber? Or should I amp up the bloodworms that I feed, I'm just not sure.... I feed her a pea everyday because of the floaty problems she has when she was in QT, she likes them, so, I just stuck with it. She is an inch and 5 cm, and she is definitely growing, just wondering - can I feed her more peas?
  2. katiehuggins

    Billy the Betta!

    thank you! I used dwarf hair grass that I got from petsmart. It's snail and pest free.Definitley going to check it out!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. katiehuggins

    Billy the Betta!

    I love the purple coloration on Billy, very beautiful!! And the grass on the floor is stunning I've been searching for grass like that for a while now..... What kind is it/ what is it called?
  4. katiehuggins

    My Goldie Gang

    cute fishies!! Love their colors
  5. katiehuggins

    Butterfly's pond and flowers

    I love these photos!! sooooo beautiful
  6. katiehuggins

    Sand or Gravel?

    Yep, definitely sand would be the smarter way to go. I have had my fair share of fishies choking on gravel pebbles
  7. katiehuggins

    Rest In Peace My Baby Girl

    Oh, I'm so sorry.. My condolences.
  8. katiehuggins

    OK, not pets, but pretty!

    I love how i see this comment and at the same time I am listening to Beyoncé.....
  9. katiehuggins

    Goldfish of the Week Winner

    Beautiful shot! Nice job!!
  10. katiehuggins

    Hermit crabs

    I don't know if this has been addressed in the large paragraphs I have seen, but if they get curious enough..(like mine..) they will climb up the sides of the tank that are filled with water sealant, mine were SOOO determined..but just watch out, because that has happened to me..
  11. katiehuggins


    Ohhhhhhh so shall I expect for her to release eggs..???
  12. katiehuggins


    Wow I never knew that..even at that size, and not to mention age.... Strawberry has been getting nipped here and there, is that part of breeding behavior? When she is getting chased, it is right between the fan of her tail...
  13. Hi, I haven't been on in a while, but I purchased a small fantail calico from my LFS, (she/he is literally the size of a quarter.) exactly three weeks ago. She/he was quarantined for about two weeks before being introduced to my already established 29 gallon, with another calico I have had for about ten months now, who is about five inches long. Two days after I introduced the small one that I bought from our LFS, she/he immediately started chasing my large calico fantail, strawberry. I honestly don't know if this is aggression? But it has gotten to the point where strawberry hides for a long time, coming out just to eat.. But I'm wondering if they need to be separated..? But if I have to..I will. It hasn't gotten to the point where the new calico has ripped strawberry's fins, she has no scale damage either. I just don't know what to do, or how to deal with it properly. -Katie
  14. katiehuggins


    I love these pics!!!!! they are so cute!
  15. katiehuggins

    Fancy Dinner with Fancy Goldfish

    the black or and a looks like its saying, "come sit down at our table! eat!eat!" by his fin movements xD