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  1. welcome to kokos got great goldfish and lovely tank. Keep going
  2. hi vince ok nice knowing you.. AM from chennai
  3. Higher temperatures are ok with goldfish until they get enough oxygen surface movement.In my places goldfish tends to be in higher temperatures only all the time throughout the year in the high 80 F all the time without any issues also in the month of march april and may it touches 95 close to 100F even but still they will do very fine.
  4. Thanks for your compliment smegy
  5. hi all I am uploading my betta photos from my mobile let me know if you all can able to see those pictures. Thanks http://m1311.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/goldiebetta/2013-04-04-04071_q2_q1_zps8ddf4b69.jpg.html?pbauth=1_uLEBonVPfaLdh1h3YMYz2f8UOjHpvgSnTDweFVYIx7TsvlKGOOcFNCaRrS904SLA6oywcijxzWslqUGivZehNTKXUBnZPL72fXCmdqDu%2FnR6zMjBfzUpbP%2FVsZzff%2FAtXskphySe929y%2BwXC8U%2BvmSp9%2BnGKk3%2FDlFmtSbb8rsM%3D
  6. http://m1311.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/goldiebetta/2013-04-04-0403_q1_q1_q1_q1_q1_zps3ee350d1.jpg.html?pbauth=1_uLEBonVPfaLdh1h3YMYz2f8UOjHpvgSnTDweFVYIx7TsvlKGOOcFNCaRrS904SLA6oywcijxzWslqUGivZehNTKXUBnZPL72fXCmdqDu%2FnR6zMjBfzUpbP%2FVsZzff%2FAtXskphySe929y%2BwXC8U%2BvmSp9%2BnGKk3%2FDlFmtSbb8rsM%3D
  7. I feed hikari lionhead. It suits very well for my goldies. Have good growth.
  8. Thanks Helen yes its nice to be in touch with people across the globe who care for goldfish and to share and get help from them for the well being of all their cute finned friends
  9. thanks for your information dnalex, Gustave
  10. hi vince i am also a newbie here me too from India where are you in India? You got nice quality beautiful goldfish especially your big oranda which is tough to get in many places in india. Big cute oranda it is
  11. hi like to know is there any one from India here or I am the only one.
  12. ok understood its a very rare case thanks dnalex
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