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  1. Getting rid of the "cat smell" on furniture?

    She stays outside. I live in an apartment and she showed up a few years ago and I have been feeding her and spending time with her since. She occasionally would come inside and when it was raining or cold I'd try to get her inside. She's gotten wet in the rain because it rained while I was sleeping and once I woke up, I let her inside and she would lay on the couch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. So recently I've noticed that my couch is starting to smell like a "wet cat". It's not terrible but it's definitely noticeable and not the most inviting smell for company. Any tips for removing the smell from the fabric? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Show me your kitty-cat!

    And gotta post our "selfie" [emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Stray cat,or not a stray cat? That is the question.

    She comes in on her own and has for about a year now without problems *knock on wood*. I'd get her used to staying in,but my apartment charges a decent pet deposit. I do plan on eventually getting her checked out at the vet. Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk 2
  5. Stray cat,or not a stray cat? That is the question.

    Long time. I've managed to get her somewhat "tamed". She has started to learn what time I wake up for work and she will meow at my front door when she hears me moving about. I can even get her to stay inside some nights,although around 3am she always wakes me up to go outside. She's become a regular around my place and is almost always waiting when I come home from work. Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk 2
  6. Stray cat,or not a stray cat? That is the question.

    I guess? Lol. I don't know what that looks like. He/she is grey with some light brownish spots.
  7. Stray cat,or not a stray cat? That is the question.

    He/she is still around on a regular basis. I've asked one person at my apartment that i thought may own it,but they said they didn't. They did however say that they think it showed up around the time my upstairs neighbors moved in. I'm going to eventually get around to going upstairs and knocking on their door to ask. I've yet to really get him/her to come inside except to get food,but it's getting more used to me. It follows me anytime i go to work on one of my trucks. Here's a pic,just because
  8. So there's a cat at my apartment that always meows like it's hungry,so i've been giving it food and water for a week or so. It's started to know when i leave for work and when i come home,and is always waiting for me and is starting to get comfortable with me. I am halfway sure that it's a stray,because of the fact it's always coming to me for food (Or it has a worthless owner) I'd like to keep it but i don't want to accidently take someones beloved pet,so my question is: If you were in my situation,how would you go about making sure that it was indeed a stray cat? I don't see a collar,but nobody ever puts collars/tags on their animals around here so that doesn't mean much.
  9. Goldfish "bowl" I Can Approve Of

    Awesome. The colors really "pop" out at you.
  10. Does This Betta Have Finrot

    I can't tell really from the pics but it looks like he's ok to me.
  11. Pix Of Yourself

    Me with my dog,Ann after getting her shots. My other dog Dan was lucky and didn't have to go
  12. Pix Of Yourself

    Nah i decided to leave my bike at home that day and the truck....well,it wouldn't fit. But here's a more recent one (The bumper looks horrible i know.. i've got to place the order for a new one still) I have some of me and my g/f from scrapin the coast but i look horrible in them
  13. Pix Of Yourself

    A while back on Dauphin island at Fort Gaines (Think that's the name)
  14. Pix Of Yourself

    nichjake,you look really sophisticated in that photo. nice outfit Me and my new (Well,to me) '91 s10 in front of Forte Conde in downtown Mobile. Sadly it's manual and the clutch went out after only 200 in-town miles. It's waiting to be repaired... I remember putting this else-where but i don't remember if i put it here or not. This was from Christmas day.
  15. Pix Of Yourself

    Yes. Like the small labret spikes. I'll probably alternate between those and cbr's.