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  1. Awesome. The colors really "pop" out at you.
  2. I can't tell really from the pics but it looks like he's ok to me.
  3. If you catch it send it my way.
  4. I know the catfish and snail would be fine but when i got my channel catfish about 3 years ago (It died due to power outage after a major hurricane) he was still small and my common pleco used to torment him. Unless i got a 6" one i dont think it would get along with the common pleco. And really i'd prefer to get a young catfish and get to watch it grow instead of buying one already 6" from the store. I may try it later because the way my tank is he'd have places to get away from the pleco now.
  5. My tank has a cover but the back is open so the filters can have room. Problem is,it's a wide opening. The filters pretty much fill up the space though so i don't think he could get between the filter and top. I may just get a snail for my tank later. I want a catfish but my common plec didn't get along with the channel catfish i had years ago.
  6. Apple snail! I knew there was another tank addition i wanted,lol. My mystery snails died a loooong time ago and i never bought any after them. Don't they try to climb out of the tank though? Mine's open all the way across the back for my filters and i'd hate to buy one and have him get out.
  7. I used to do that but i have 1 tank right now and it's a ten gallon. It's a mix of tropicals and my one male betta. I'd prefer to keep it simple by only having the one tank to clean so i'll just stick with my one betta for now. What i meant was it would be nice if they got along and could be together undivided and swimming around together.
  8. I thought it sounded fishy Thanks. It's a shame bettas have to be like that. It would be a beautiful sight to see a tank full of half moons or crowntails..
  9. Nice. He looks like a betta i used to have except mine wasn't crowntail. How much do crowntails cost at vvvv?
  10. I seem to remember reading somewhere that if the tank had plenty of hiding spots you could keep a female betta with a male. Now i can't remember where i read this nor am i even sure if i actually read it somewhere...i THINK i read it before. It sounds familiar. Is this true?
  11. Thanks for the comments. I just realized there was more since my last visit
  12. I used to have bettas years ago and had been wanting one for a while when i seen this guy at the store. It's pretty funny because he flares at my lyretail male molly all the time and my molly get's the heck out of his way
  13. Would this work? How would i filter it? Can a regular aquarium filter fit on the top edge and use a extension on the suction part so it will fit in the water? :listen:
  14. Thelonious

    Betta Floating

    one of my female bettas has recently been floating at the surface. always straight up with her head towards the surface. i can't really tell for sure,but her her body (near her head) looks like it's swollen or something. tank: 10 gallon filter: power filter fish: 2 male bettas,3 female (divided) i keep the ph about 7.0
  15. how long does it usually take for the eggs to appear?
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