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  1. My child is now a man! I turned on the aquarium light (what i do not usually do because I have enough natural light),and what i see? My Red Cap has its first breeding stars on gill plates, 2 on each side!!! As he is so white, this dots are not usually visible without light. I'm so happy and proud! I just my !!!
  2. In my boys,i´ve never saw any breeding stars on the gills...Have this Ryukin and a Telescope for a month,and they have come with white spots on the pectorals fins (I thought it is normal colorings for them=result-all boys)
  3. sooo much ! Then my Black Moor with tiny round vent its a boy to right? Uhhhh I feel so alone in our house ... among so many guys,only 2 girls
  4. Here are two more pictures:
  5. Please take a look at this http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/18264-sex-of-goldfish/page__st__80
  6. Hey! Could you help me out sexing my Ryukin? It's a boy or girl..i´m confused? And 1 of my goldies has a tiny round vent (i think to tiny to his body size ),then its a boy right? Thanx thanx
  7. He did not realized that he wrote it in spanish Don´t worry I have problems to write in English.
  8. Here some pics from my 3 "sushies" (i´m not sure why y name them so )
  9. Reading this ..... I think they are all boys (looking their vent). Was hoping that at least one is a girl. The Black Moor and the Ryukin,since y have them,both are with this white dots on pec fins.
  10. I live in Barcelona,never visited the islands
  11. The Red cap oranda is the Boss of the tank,is the one who asks for food and who keeps everything in motion
  12. Gracias por recibirme de tal manera! Nice, nice to read in more languages
  13. Thanks all for the great welcome!
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