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  1. jenzaar

    Tail amputation

    I had a small fish go through an open filter intake and lost his tail. It grew back, misshapen but how could i possibly complain? I'm not sure where i posted this but i did make a thread documenting his recovery. If it were me I'd keep the fish in QT until you got some good growth happening but i have no real reasoning behind that haha
  2. jenzaar

    We have new kitties :)

    awww they are super cute, best of luck with them!! <3
  3. jenzaar

    Update on Justine Fish

    They are both so cute and have really grown!! Goldfish is such a sweet lookin gal
  4. jenzaar

    Whoops! New frybabies

    Thanks! It actually wasn't really a favorite, so that's good? I need a way to say that that isn't awful? No! It wasn't. I will take the water out with bowls from now on, and spot clean with a turkey baster. Thanks! They are! I want to know how they'll turn out!! Dying to see the button eyed ones grown up more
  5. jenzaar

    Whoops! New frybabies

    Hi all! Sorry I've fallen off Doing good, the guys are growing! I have 8 i think. Why am i so bad with counting them? Anyway i did just viciously (and accidentally) kill one of them. It was bad. Got sucked up the airline tubing, a matter of seconds, but the pressure of that did a thing, I'll keep the visuals to myself, and I had to put him straight into clove oil. Suffice it to say we are past the tubing. Just wanted it for sucking up poo, then I was going to use the bowl to remove water! ANYWAY wasn't that a fun intro to this post?? Pictures will make it better you say? Okay! This last one is the fish to whom i refer as The Single-Chu.
  6. jenzaar

    Whoops! New frybabies

    Thanks! [emoji813]
  7. jenzaar

    Whoops! New frybabies

    They seem ok! They looked like they were really taking off, but i dunno now they seem too small! I have about twenty. Some are looking really nice, and the smaller ones at least look like fish from a side view haha. Couple o' pics From a few days ago: From just now, mid-waterchange This one takes after mama with not one rad dorsal fin, but two! I actually do have a few with no dorsals! SOME even have single tails! My coolest and most favorite one died this afternoon. It was the biggest single-chu. I hope one other will make it.
  8. jenzaar

    mouth injury

    Welcome to kokos! What an awesome fish. I hope you can get this sorted easily.
  9. The bigger the better BUT i have to say, i stick my nose up every time i see a celestial that costs 172847482919% more than my two! [emoji38]2 This auction has been particularly good for that petty feeling
  10. jenzaar

    Whoops! New frybabies

    I'll start taking bets now! I have no idea, i just think its only that a few have cropped up/become visible haha. But who knows, it's a good possibility that some will be ranchu/dorsal-less
  11. jenzaar

    Whoops! New frybabies

    ^ this!!!! I wants to knnnoooww!!!
  12. jenzaar

    Whoops! New frybabies

    Yes! I hope they grow big quickly I can see tiny pec fins on them, and some dorsals too uuhhh I think on all of them It's probably too early to tell but I swear some of them have solid black eyes, I'm kind of hoping there's a bunch of button eyes Thanks! I find myself looking over them more every day
  13. jenzaar

    Whoops! New frybabies

    Oh, three stinkers
  14. jenzaar

    Whoops! New frybabies

    Two of the little stinkers They're growing for sure!
  15. Very nice! I have a matte red eggfish/lionhead/whatever that is mostly orange, but has deep red scales here and there. It's really awesome how his color turned out. [emoji813] Good luck with this cutie