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    14 goldfish The pond gang is growing. Pang Pang, Xingfu, Naiyou, Butters and Yinya Also 4 angelfish, three blue rams and cardinals.
  1. Yes the filter is upflow, I'll have to see what kind of plants would appreciate more shade as the filter is in a shaded area. Maybe some of those black elephant ears or something. I do believe that the fish are devouring the duckweed as it doesn't seem to be growing as fast as it once was and everyone's belly's seem to be quite fat. Thanks for all of your suggestions. I'll have to get to work on getting more plants into the pond and see how that goes. One thing for sure, the fish seem to be all very happy in there. They could care less about the green water.
  2. I'm not even thinking of adding any kind of chemicals. Right now I only have two large lillies and two large papyrus, not a lot considering the volume of water. Oh, there is also lots of duckweed. I had scooped a bunch out but maybe I should have left it all in there. I had wanted to set up a bog filter but haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe that will help. Is it just a mater of everything establishing itself? I have fifteen fish in there right now. My plan was to eventually have twenty at the most. They are all orandas except for one black more and two fantails.
  3. Well, I set up the pond two months ago and some of the fish are in there. The pond is in shade most of the day but gets sun in the late afternoon. Now it is getting really green. There is about 1700 gallons of water with a pump that pulls 6000 gals. per hour and goes through one 32 gal. can full of sponges and scratchy pads and then falls back into the pond. I also have water continuously trickling into the pond at about 30 gallons per day. What can I do about the algae? It certainly isn't bothering the fish at all but it would be nice to see them.. Will it go away by itself or do I need to do something about it?
  4. Way cool markings. He's gorgeous
  5. Beautiful red cap. She looks like an old fish soul
  6. I have two hob's and two very large sponge filters in my 75 gal. I took one of my sponge filters from that tank and put it in a 40 gal quarantine tank with four pretty large fish. I had a small cycle bump that lasted about 24 hours and that was it. So, it works.
  7. Honestly, I don't see them a lot around where I live. I'm sure some people do. Some don't hold the black color, they change
  8. I have room for one more. A panda maybe.
  9. OOOh so pretty. I like them both but my favorite is the panda. I want to find one.
  10. I just bought two orandas that were labeled fantails. But, I kind of knew that when I bought them. I like them all. I think if I were going to spend $100. I were buy one with more growth and be sure what it was if that was what I wanted.
  11. Wow, He's really neat. I just love how colorful goldfish are and so many different varieties.
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