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  1. Congrats! I would love to have babies!
  2. That's a lovely tank! And the stand is nice too! Has a nautical theme to it!
  3. Oh they're just sound weedy plant, really easy to grow. You can grow them from cuttings, when they get too big just trim them and plant the trimmings! I always call it pond weed but I don't think that is what it is!
  4. I use sand for my guys too. Worst case scenario they can sift it through their gills to avoid choking. They also keep it quite clean for me, because they sift around in it allowing the filter to take up the dirt and encourages natural foraging behaviour. :-)
  5. Hehe thanks guys! I only got the plants yesterday, my old ones had had it! So I'm hoping for a nice plant backdrop once they grow! Thanks for the welcomes and the comments! My fish are very friendly! They always say hello to everyone! Lol ^^
  6. Aww bless! He's looking much happier! He's beautiful!
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