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  1. Beautiful, Fred! Hope he has a very long and happy life with you!
  2. I sure hope he did, Fred; we try to provide the best home and life for them -- especially compared to the stores they come from! Thank you very much for your sympathies.
  3. You had bad luck with the Marineland tanks, Koko? What happened? The one I have appears to be very well put together with thick glass...
  4. Wow, that's too bad about your tank -- we went through this a few years ago when a previous 60 gallon cracked along the back, leaked and destroyed almost our entire house (the downstairs living room needed to be renovated because the water poured through the ceiling). It was a certifiable NIGHTMARE. So I understand what you went through. To my eyes, this Heartland Ensemble looked really well put together and the glass of the aquarium looks nice and thick; as it stands, my Heartland tank isn't set up right now because after losing our black and gold Calico, Marcus, I stripped the tank to clean out all filter media, gravel, etc. and never set it back up (money is ridiculously tight right now, and I can't afford the pirate shipwreck centerpiece ornament I want from PetSmart).
  5. Why was the tank annoying you? Well, I'm not purporting that we should stuff them with overeating and such just to make them larger; I would never do that...I just wonder why I can never get any of them to grow to those massive sizes you see the fancies becoming, even with what I believe is a good maintenance and feeding routine. Jeez...so now the span is about three and a half years for a fancy? You make some good points about the "upside down" factor, though... That's MY thinking, as well, fromga... Interesting.
  6. So I've heard; still, the water softener was installed in our home to, as I said, make the showers feel better on the skin. I can't believe the hardness/softness had anything to do with the multiple deaths we've experienced since setting up our last tank that ended up cracking and flooding the house. GH? That seems contrary to everything I have read -- most "tales" of this type tend to have goldfish being seriously stunted by being placed in bowls. Secondly, if quality treatment isn't netting longevity, what are we doing it for? Just quality of life? I want them to experience long AND happy lives in my tank(s)... ...as seems to be the consensus...
  7. Okay; but I'm constantly wondering why mine never grow all that large -- I mean, they GROW, definitely from their fry-esque stages when we usually get them, but not to be those massive egg-shaped specimens you see around... I would have thought that one calico in a 60 gallon all by himself would have taken care of the space element. The genetics I can't account for, and the food was always Omega One flakes and cooked peas. I'd love to see some pics of your ponds, Daniel; you guys seem seriously into the hobby.
  8. So what I'm gathering from this is that keeping store-bought fancy goldies is an exercise that will, on average, yield ideal life spans that usually don't exceed 10 years... So Marcus was in and around average at six or so years in our aquarium...yes? Here's the thing that upsets me so: I see these pet shops with those massive fancy tailed goldies that must be up there in age, and I don't understand why I can't raise them in MY tanks to be/get so large...they die when they reach a certain size, growing beyond their fry years but never really getting to those massive ones you see in some shops... Why is this? How do they grow so large elsewhere?
  9. Indeed; my last goldie, Marcus, was all alone in his 60 gallon and I always suspected it had something to do with overall health and growth (we unfortunately lost him over the holidays, but had him for about six years).
  10. Thanks for your input here, Mandy; why is it that they don't live that long in aquariums? is it just the nature of the captivity?
  11. We put in the softener mainly for our showers to feel better and to help reduce the staining/scarring on surfaces (which didn't turn out too well; on my aquarium and filter pieces alone, there is hard water staining and scarring that has permanently damaged the plastic elements such as the light hood and filter boxes).
  12. Well, with the AquaClear, I figured the water from THAT filter is drained, pretty much, anyway when the level reaches a certain point near the intake tube, and fresh water is being put in to prime it, so I didn't think to dump any water; the Aqueon filter is another story, as that keeps water in the chamber, I believe, being that it's self-priming. Either way, I'll keep this in mind next time. See, this is getting into the longevity factor that I'm always going back to and that is always confusing to me because of the myriad of cross-section replies I get to this question...some sites say there "should be no reason why" a goldfish if properly cared for shouldn't live for like 20 years in captivity (i.e. a nice sized tank)...others claim a typical pet shop fish should live five to six years...in general, which is it? Are you saying Marcus pretty much lived a nice life at six? I overdosed on Prime almost with every water change (when I say "overdosed" I mean put a bit more in that was called for based on a 60 gallon) to "prepare" for things like this, so I thought I was okay on that front...
  13. So you know what I'm talking about with the hard water; we had a softener installed in the house, so the water is softened before returning to our faucets... But even if the water changes chemically, what can be done about it?
  14. But wouldn't that "old" water just flow into the tank, be diluted and be eventually sucked up by the filters again anyway? At any rate, would this have killed my goldfish over time, like over a period of six years? I see; well, we plan on getting just one big centerpiece for our next setup, so this will be easy enough to remove from time to time (though plants are always a different issue).
  15. You're supposed to clean all the water out of the FILTER chambers with EVERY water change? That's news to me; I merely prime my AquaClear 110 back up (the Aqueon primes itself) when I plug everything back in after a change...as for the ornaments and gravel, I've been advised about this, but I just don't understand the reasoning behind it (the ornament argument, at least) -- is it because debris can become trapped under them, allowing them to rot? Because I have since become aware of the substrate issue, I use a lot less on the bottom of my tank; I will one day get around to switching it out for sand. Interesting; I'm located in the Southwest United States, and our water is ridiculously hard, but we have a softener unit connected to our home which is supposed to help. If the water chemistry changes this drastically to alter the health of the fish, what can be done about it? This last purchase, the black/gold fantail calico, was not mixed with any other fish from any other store; he lived his life alone in this 60 gallon and seemed happy as a clam...as I said, we had him for SIX or so years before he became sick, and he grew in that time, with his tails developing and even changing a stunning black-striped color...this is why I'm suspecting we got a "fresher" stock from the new Petco we got him from...but this is pure speculation...
  16. Why has no one addressed these specific things with me in all the time I've asked about them here? I feel like I'm finally getting to some answers now... When you say "water chemistry," what do you mean exactly -- the tank falling out of a cycle? Because once my tanks have cycled, they have ALWAYS remained spot on with parameters, and I do 50% water changes WEEKLY and religiously, ALWAYS using Prime as a conditioner...I don't understand why it would take six or so years under good conditions for a fish to suddenly swell up and die. As far as where I get them, this is something I have been debating too -- we purchased Marcus from a brand-new Petco near us (was open one day or so) and we thought that maybe we got "good stock" because the fish were all "fresh" for lack of a better term; all the other fish we ever purchased came from a local PetSmart (don't have ANY privately-owned aquarium shops near us) and they all died much quicker than Marcus (in other words, we had him the longest). Unfortunately, I just have to make this tank work right now, so if you're saying it could possibly harm the fish, I may have no choice but to keep tropicals in here rather than goldies because I don't want to be cruel; I would appreciate you letting me know what bigger sizes would be better. Thank you.
  17. Is this why I have been losing them consistently with these "bloated body" symptoms they seem to exhibit just before they die? So if 60 gallon tanks aren't good for them, what is? Smaller, larger?
  18. Okay, we're back from our little trip to take care of my wife's mom's personal stuff (after she passed), and I have begun the painstaking task of cleaning out our 60 gallon tank and starting over...so far, I have washed down everything -- from the filters to the gravel to the inside glass -- and returned the gravel to the tank, washed out with hot water the best I could. I kept the media for the AquaClear 110, the sponge and the ceramic bits, because they're not that old (the sponge I just bought before Marcus passed), but threw out the Aqueon cartridges so I can buy new ones. The filters have been washed down and out in scalding hot water as best as possible, getting crud out of the impellers and chambers and such, but some "damage" remains on them (horrible staining and scarring from our hard water here, even though we use a water softener) as well as on the tank glass in some parts. Yesterday, I spent backbreaking time scooping out the gravel and bringing it in bucketloads to the tub, where I attempted to wash it all thoroughly in hot water; I got it as clean-rinsing as possible, however I could not get EVERY little bit of gravel out of the bottom of the tank to be rinsed...is this okay? Will everything be alright if I add fresh water to the substrate when it's time to fill it back up, kind of "diluting" whatever's left in terms of crud in the gravel? It seemed impossible to get EVERY bit of gravel out... Before I set up the tank again, I need to save up some money for a beautiful pirate ship centerpiece we want to purchase from PetSmart as well as for odds and ends such as LED bubble wands, new plastic tubing to run to the air pump, a background for the aquarium, new Aqueon media, etc. In the meantime, I'm trying to get the tank set up and prepared as best as possible so we can begin the aquascaping before I get everything up and running again with a bio cycle kickstart product (Seachem's STABILITY, which I've had success with) prior to adding new goldies. What concerns me is a statement someone made earlier in this thread about 60 gallon tall/deep tank not being "suitable" for fancy goldfish; I unfortunately cannot get rid of this Marineland 60 gallon aquarium right now, so I have to make this work; is it true that the dimensions of this tank could be what's been killing my fish over time? Is it really too deep in order for them to get sufficient surface gas exchange?
  19. Yes, thank you for sharing that story; it really puts things into perspective... Though I'm just so very filled with sorrow over Marcus and now my mom-in-law... Feels like the world is crashing down around us.
  20. Indeed; and I was sharing a similarity between how you lost your brother so young and how my wife did, as well (he was just a child). OMG...horrible. I'm so sorry. My dad passed about seven years ago, before my wife's dad did, due to complications that happened after he went in for heart surgery...I swear the hospital he was in made matters so much worse, but I can't prove it and he ended up getting renal failure (needed dialysis, like nearly all his siblings) before his body just gradually shut down. He was in ICU for a long period of time before my mom "called it quits" for him. OMG...I had a WHOLE reply typed out to you regarding the situation I'm in with my mom and the family and such, and something happened on the forum and I lost it all...!!! Thank you for the friendship and shoulder...
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