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  1. Today's (7/2) readings (after a tiny water change last night; two buckets' worth): Ammonia: Between 0 and 0.25; honestly, more like 0 NitrIte: 0 NitrAte: 0, on its way to 5.0
  2. Well, that's clearer than my aquarium water has ever been. You tell me, in so many other words, that you're not to be "tested" right now (in a quasi-threatening manner) because of the myriad of things going on in your life, and I tell you that I have similar concerns and pressures, including watching people I know waste away from the coronavirus epidemic, and I still receive borderline attitude... It's wholly incredible, but, hey -- personalities are what they are. I wish you the best (which I'm sure you won't wish me) on a personal level, and do appreciate what you have attempted to explain. I will continue testing the water and report the readings here, of which someone else can perhaps assist with.
  3. And that's what I get....for doing nothing but defending myself and saying I, too, have things going on in my life... Absolutely no response to that....incredible. At any rate, koko, if you would like to continue assisting me with these questions, please let me know; we can go PM if you wish.
  4. I don't have an attitude -- I was merely explaining, frustratingly enough, that I know this is possibly a bacterial bloom. I have a LOT going on in my life, too, including being pretty close to people who are suffering with COVID-19...so please don't make it like I'm the one who doesn't understand or who is not enduring anything. Thank you. If anyone is getting "testy," it's not me; I'm trying to figure out what is going on with my tank in a section of this forum dedicated to equipment and hardware, in a forum itself that's supposed to help people. It's quite clear that your "patience is limited" based on the replies I'm getting; it forces someone to get defensive when all they're trying to do is learn about something that's not "rocket science" to THEM. If you no longer wish to assist, that's fine; I appreciate the input you've had up until this point and will continue seeking further help from elsewhere as I attempt to navigate the situation that's occurring in my tank. I can't envision taking out nearly all of the water in the midst of what is probably an ongoing cycle, but that's a debate for another time. It's comments like "use the water for your garden" that are hurtful and simply unnecessary; to be frank, I don't mind doing the physical bucket method for changing the water (it DOESN'T hamper my desire to perform the correct frequency) and, as it stands, we simply can't hook up a syphon to our current tank because we'd need like 100 feet worth of hose to reach the nearest bathtub or faucet connection.
  5. I know it's called bacterial bloom -- I've stated this several times throughout this thread -- but I just wanted to know if it was normal that it occurred after the water became crystal clear just a couple of days ago. As for the water changes, you would do 100-PERCENT changes? At THIS stage? This seems contradictory to everything I am reading regarding what to do at this early part of the setup... You're suggesting I remove ALL the water in the tank -- with the fish in it? With regard to the bucket I used -- figure about five gallons removed per bucket.
  6. So are you saying do water changes every other day? And how much? I only took out two buckets worth for this last one... And what about the water that's getting cloudy now?
  7. But my tank isn't "heavily water changed"...I merely did a small one yesterday... I didn't take new readings since the small WC, but here's another change I can report on: The water has gone from seriously crystal clear to sort of cloudy and murky, indicating to me this may be the beginning of a bacterial bloom, well over a week since the end of the Stability treatment. Should I back off water changes for now? I'll take readings ASAP and report back.
  8. Tonight's test results (weirder than ever IMO): Ammonia: Now closer to 0.25 Nitrate: 0 Nitrite: 0 Why is it "weirder than ever," do I say? Well, yesterday, our nitrites were around 0.25 -- reading that light purple color on the chart. Today, the reading is back to being the light aqua blue color, indicating 0... I'm going to do a small WC to see if parameters come down a bit.
  9. Also Shannon -- if I do a WC, how much should I take out? Not a full 50%, right?
  10. Okay, just took some readings...if someone could guide me on what to do here, I'd appreciate it. Ammonia and NitrAte are both still around 0ppm. NitrIte seems to have climbed a little bit -- we're getting a slight PURPLE reading in the test tube, so around 0.25 on the chart. Should I do a water change?
  11. I used to run a QuietFlow 55 on my 60 gallon goldie tank, alongside an AquaClear 110, and when we recently started the tank back up, it seems the Aqueon's pump clip that attaches the filter to the pump/intake tube was broken (one side of it; the side opposite the clip device, ironically). So we replaced that model with one of the new so-called "LED PRO" HOBs Aqueon now sells (the 75 model), which includes that worthless LED light at the top of the filter cover to indicate when it's time for a cartridge replacement (I never replace these, instead dunking them in used tank water during some water changes until they fall apart) and a new bio grid return bar design that now boasts these two small pieces of "specialty media" (essentially a couple of small chunks of pad that are supposed to remove ammonia; the company sells these pads for phosphate removal and also as carbon separately...smells like a money making endeavor if you ask me, as they're supposed to be changed like every two weeks...yeah, okay). Here's what the new return portion of the filter looks like: I've been running the filter with these "specialty pads" in place since we set up the tank again (about a month now) but I have found that the flow from these new LED PROs is significantly different than the older Aqueons -- where the old QuietFlows would put out a nice thick ripple across the surface, if the water level was adjusted properly, these new models seem to just trickle out, not really providing much current. I am assuming this is because of that final stage of filtration with these new "pads" they stuffed in there (they don't have to be used), but I'm not sure if the unit will run better without them. Anyone else have any hands-on experience with these newer Aqueons, and do you see the same thing I am with regard to the return flow? Would it be better to leave these "ammonia catchers" out?
  12. Yes, I am doing the nitrate test exactly how it should be done -- adding the 10 drops of each and then shaking the test tube for the minute (plus shaking bottle number two for the 30 seconds). As for my expiration dates, I feared my old master freshwater kit was expired -- thus why I went out and tried to buy a new one. My local Petco was out of stock, and all they had were the separate nitrate and ammonia bottles, so I picked those up. But the new ones gave me the EXACT same readings... What's weird is that these two fish DO dart across the tank sometimes and do the things you mentioned (not the gasping, though), even going so far as to do this weird "rub against the glass real quick" thing too -- the calico even showed signs of ick poisoning, flashing across the gravel a couple of times. What's even weirder is that the flashing behavior has completely stopped with the calico fantail, and there are no signs of any kind of salt-like abrasions on his scales. My wife pointed out to me that these two fish acted a bit "nutty" when first going in the tank -- and that the calico was a bit kooky even in the store -- so I'm thinking it's just "who they are"... I can't explain it, though, because they're eating and otherwise swimming happily, playing in the bubble curtain, etc. Here's another kicker I can't explain: The water has become EXCEPTIONALLY CRYSTAL CLEAR. I mean, glass-clear. I assumed this meant the cycle was somehow completed, but I don't know (not that this is a bad thing; I am turning over close to 900 gallons per hour with these two HOBs I'm running, after all). With regard to your question about the feeding, Taryl -- I actually started a thread about this in another section of the forum if you want to look for it. Essentially, I started off feeding them Omega One Goldfish Flakes, which my fancies have always taken to and which I've been told really good things about, and recently introduced New Life Spectrum pellets. I have been switching off throughout the day feeding them both kinds, but is this okay? My goldfish never seem to "take" to sinking pellets for some reason; in our previous setup, the pellets seemed to make the fish almost lethargic, as if they couldn't digest them; seems to be doing the same thing with these new guys. Is this because the flakes just soak better in the tank and it's easier for the fish to digest them? Not sure when to start with the water changes if the parameters haven't changed...
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