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  1. Calico fantails

    Nice fish.
  2. Japanese two major goldfish festival

    I want them all
  3. Video of My Floating Gardens Tank!

    Looks really nice. Love our fish too.
  4. Koko's Kritter of the Week Entries

    ...and that's how the term "dog-eared pages" came about.
  5. This salty story! :)

    TD figured that song out in 6 seconds So, he's an old fart like me.
  6. This salty story! :)

    "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the first world's bionic fish"
  7. Listing, Barely Moving

    He's my favorite one you have. A real beauty. Hope he makes it. Good luck Mikey
  8. Can gelfood be made without repashy?

    On a side note, make sure people know it's fish food when you store it in the refrigerator. I remember mentioning on here a while ago how my mom came for a visit to my house and thought the gel food was people food. She had a taste of it, and wasn't happy
  9. Can gelfood be made without repashy?

    Why does anyone use gelfood if there are no benefits? I'm going to be making some for my snails and i figured I'd give some to the gf.Sent from my LGL41C using Tapatalk Assuming the "extra work" she meant was in making the gel food from scratch as opposed to just getting the repashey powder. That is easy to make. I do 25 seconds microwave for 1 teaspoon repashey to 3 teaspoons water. I think it's pretty much same nutritionally to pellets for a staple food.
  10. My Moor babies

    Looking good.
  11. I'm dating a woman who has this...!

    If that's how it works, I'll date DP for a week to get a 125 gallon tank...just don't tell my wife
  12. School photos (Fish...school)

    Haha, yes it is upside down. Photobucket was being difficult, and I couldn't flip it over. ...so I will be fasting this picture for two days followed by feeding the photo peas only. Please send good thoughts that this photo gets better soon
  13. I'm dating a woman who has this...!

    I counted 10 fish! At this rate, all you guys will be doing on dates are water changes.
  14. School photos (Fish...school)

    Of course I take the photos before cleaning and scrubbing down the tank