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  1. Awesome! Thank you is it a daily dose or do I dose it once and let it run for a week?
  2. Okay, awesome! I looked at my bottle on the pictures from amazon and it’s 500 gallons per 1TSP. I figured I would just use 1/8 a TSP and not need to dilute it since that would treat 62.5 gallons. That should be good. The bottle says it can be doses 10x the recommended dose and still be safe thank you so much for all of the information!! When I get home and start treatment, how long should I do it for? And out of curiosity does this treat ich? My fish don’t have it, just curious hahaha
  3. I’m kinda lost 😅😅 so I put 1/4 TSP into 8 ounces of water and then use 2 ounces of that solution per 25 gallons of water?
  4. Hi! It has been so hectic. I’ve been working 50ish hours a week 6 days a week haha. I went ahead and ordered the dimillin that I linked. It sadly won’t be here until the 14th at the earliest. Im just going to keep up with water changes while I wait. How should I go about diluting it and what should I use to dilute it? Chemistry and I were not good friends so dilution calculations aren’t my strong suit hahahaha
  5. Okay! I’ll see how the rest of the metro treatment is and if needed I’ll get the dimillin
  6. Okay! Should I order that? I wouldn’t be sure how to dose it. I guess 1/10 of a teaspoon? Should I wait to see how the metro does over the next few days do you think?
  7. I can’t seem to find it online. All I found was one that treats 500 gallons per teaspoon for ponds. Dimilin-X Koi & Goldfish Treatment: Anchor Worm Fish Lice Flukes diflubenzuron https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IW8YT3A/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_bi95Eb6VJ0HCF I’ll keep up with the metro and see how they do for the time being. Should I salt at .1% maybe?
  8. She didn’t handle the first salt dip I did too well when I treated with them prazipro before the Paragaurd and metro. Other than bottom sitting from time to time she appears to be acting normal. My baby oranda like to sit in the plants but they both come out almost immediately for food. I’m so confused as to what they are as well. From what I see in person it looks like fluke irritation form what I’ve seen in the past.
  9. i believe we did about 8 days of the Paraguard and i believe today was day 6 of metro. I forgot to log the first day.
  10. Hi! I’m so sorry for touch a delayed response. I was waiting for the meds in the mail and I have a new job now. It’s been hectic here haha. Today is day 5 I believe (dosing every other day) and she’s still bottom sitting. No ulcers, just the red spots still and bottom sitting.
  11. So far I’m not really seeing any kind of improvements and she’s still bottom sitting intermittently
  12. Hi guys! I hope everyone is well and staying safe! it’s been a while since I made a tank post. I still have my 55 gallon. I just got a new light for it. It’s a fluval LED. I can control it from my phone. It’s super cool!
  13. I definitely will! he might have been wild caught I’m not sure. When I get another I’ll ask the distributor. My BN definitely was captive bred. Right in my tank! 😂 She has to be at least 2-4 years old now. The BP Pleco I had for probably about 4-6 months before he passed. He was just starting to not hide as much too
  14. So a new issue is starting. What I thought was a female oranda is a boy! He will not stop chasing her trying to breed I woke up one morning and BOOM his pectorals were covered in breeding tubercles 😂 also, my blue phantom Pleco passed away. I’m not sure why, my bushy nose is fine. Today was the first day of medicine. It got a little delayed. Hopefully it works!
  15. Not that often. Right now it’s 77 and she seems okay. I’m just waiting for the medicine now.
  16. My tank is at 78 and she seems to be sucking air at the top. I have two air pumps connected to my tank, (Fluval Q2 and Q1)so there should be plenty of oxygen. Should I lower the temp?
  17. Yes, the Pleco and oranda are new. I added the oranda in around December and the Pleco I think around January. Okay, sounds good! Thank you! Should I remove all the salt and prazi in there before treating I’m assuming? Best to do a 90% back to back WC? I’ll also turn on my UV sterilizer for the time being too until I can get the Paraguard to help remove the prazi too. The seachem brand right? I just ordered it and it won’t be here until the 17th
  18. Hi guys it’s been a while! I hope everyone is doing well and is safe ! I could use some advice with my one goldfish please. pH: 7.6 Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate 0ppm last water change was yesterday 80%. 55 gallons 2 goldfish and 2 plecos (bushy nose and blue phantom). I currently have .1% salt in the tank and a double dose of liquid PraziPro. They both got salt baths 2 weeks ago and a round of prazi. My one goldfish is getting red patches on her body. I’m thinking it’s Flukes but I’m not sure anymore. She was bottom sitting a couple days ago and moping a bit. Today she was pretty active. Both are eating like champs still and I don’t see any other signs of discomfort. I’m not sure how well it can be seen in the pictures, I did my best with those. I’m also not sure why they are upside down and sideways. They aren’t like that in my phone. I apologize! Thank you
  19. I think so as well. She’s eating like a pig ( ) and very alert. I haven’t seen her bottom sitting either. The redness near her vent is almost gone. The scales are still a little raised there though. Her gills still seem kind of pale to me I think. Once I hit a week of treatments of the metro do you think I should maybe add some prazipro? It’s been quite some time since I treated for flukes. Or should I wait until I’m completely done with the 2 weeks of metro?
  20. Just an update. Still going strong! Just changed her water. Here’s some new pictures.
  21. Yes no metro meds for sure. I only gave them to her the first night. I’ll see how she is maybe after a week of metro and then assess with you guys in whether we should do anything different. Thank you sooooo much!!!!
  22. Yeah not at all She’s swimming around today as well. I didn’t have time to look much because I had to leave for work. I’m seeing raised scales near her Vent and it’s red there. And the back fins are a little deteriorated. It looked like the possible start of dropsy and I panicked and grabbed what I had haha. I went with the metro and epsom. It seems to have improved her from when I first found her. She’s definitely more alert and she hasn’t been bottom sitting that I noticed. on hand I have kanaplex, the silver stuff with the eye dropper, and I’m at work so I can grab whatever medicine you might recommend as long as we have it. I’m not ready to euth her yet. I want to keep trying. She’s my oldest and last original fish
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