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  1. What is up with my Goldfish?

    Hi Sharon! How are you? okay! Sounds good!
  2. I was so close!

    Congrats Mandy!!! They’re beautiful!!!
  3. What is up with my Goldfish?

    Hi! I just wanna Jump in really fast. That aqueon filter you have does not have the correct gallons per hour for your tank. For your tank you would have wanted minimally the aqueon quietflow 30. Right now your filter is flowing at 125 gallons per hour which isn’t too bad for the one goldfish in that size tank, but 200 gallons per hour is more ideal for your tank size. I think an issue is that you’re cleaning the biological too often. The blue plastic pieces are you biological media. You don’t really want to touch those unless they get clogged. Cleaning too much can cause a cycle bump. How often do you replace the carbon pads? How old is the one in the filter now? And how old is the pad in the front of the filter? That’s an ammonia remover pad right?
  4. Pineconed Telescope

    Hi, I'm sorry your fish isn't doing well. What are the ingredients in the parasite medication? Is there a reason you are feeding medicated food for parasites? Dropsy is not a parasite, so I do not know how well that is going to be helping your fish. Persoanlly, I think it is kind of overkill to be treating both those medications plus the parasite medicated food. For the metroplex and kanaplex, start dosing, and then a 100% water change daily and redose them for a total of 14 doses. (It has been a while since I used these, so any of the mods pleases check my informon on this and correct if needed) You will want the water as pristine as possible and doing it this way will ensure that. Your temperature is perfect where it is at. For the 20 gallon tank, add 1 TEAspoon of Epsom salt to the water.
  5. My first bird :)

    yes! Even trimmed with the right gust they can still glide! I'm glad you were able to get him!
  6. My first bird :)

    congrats on the new bird!! I would highly advise having the wings clipped!! It is always better to be safe than sorry with a new bird and having them adjust to a new house. I have heard a few stories how people had purchased new birds and did not clip the wings and they have flown out open windows or doors. I do not want to see that happening to you!
  7. Whoops! New frybabies

  8. Zechariah and Goldfish

    Congrats Koko!!! they are so cute!!!
  9. My Fish Room

    That room is amazing!!! I love it!!
  10. I hope Rainbow feels better soon
  11. Alvin the Blue Oranda

    Thank you Dawn _______ He is confusing me. I have not seen any bottom sitting at all today and his scales seem okay. I'm doing a water change tomorrow morning so I'm going to take him out in a bucket and get a really close up look. If I don't see pinconing anymore I'm just going to have the main tank dosed with Epsom and continue prazi.
  12. Alvin the Blue Oranda

    He has been bottom sitting lately and I am not quite sure why. I think I might see slight pinconing, but I am not sure. I can set up the 10 gallon again and start treatment if you think that would be best. He had a round of prazi in the main tank with everyone. I am doing a water change and starting round two tomorrow. If I move him into the QT tank again should I continue the prazi in there? Maybe skip the oxy and do metro and prazi combo with epsom salt?
  13. Congrats on the betta!! He is beautiful Dan!!