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  1. Please help Moon :(

    Okay! Sounds good
  2. Please help Moon :(

    Should I do any other treatment or just do the clean water? I see some slime coat build up on her tail. Should I do more prazi?
  3. Please help Moon :(

    She doesn’t look the best, but she looks better. I neglected water changes for a couple days. Work and school has been absolutely killing me. She could probably be doing better if I gave her more water changes :/ I just did a 95% water change. I tested the ammonia and nitrite and they were 0ppm I didn’t test nitrate though. pH was 7.8. Her eye almost looks sunken in now?
  4. Please help Moon :(

    Hi Koko! I think she’s doing okay. I’m going to give her a 100% water change tonight when I get home. I’ll post some pics after that.
  5. Please help Moon :(

    I’m treating my main tank with prazi pro now. I just bought a new UV sterilizer now bulb because the one in there is way past it’s prime. And all new pads for the canister as well. I still don’t know why but not complaining but I love that prazi kills black beard algae. It has been such a problem in my tank!!
  6. Please help Moon :(

    I really thought this was the end for Moon. She’s doing I think pretty well considering how she was. @Arctic Mama thank you
  7. Please help Moon :(

    She’s swimming today still weak but she’s eating more willingly like she wants to. She has minor pine coming near her vent. I Held off on the epsom because I forgot I didn’t have any butim going to get some today and add it with today’s water change
  8. Please help Moon :(

    Thank you Taryl I hope she surprises us as well.
  9. Please help Moon :(

    I only have 5 hours of sleep right now I don’t know why I’m awake haha. Okay! Will do! the oxy is two years old. That’s okay, right? Her not being well is stressing me out so much she’s just sulking in a corner bottom sitting. She’s in that same position of the last picture I took.
  10. Please help Moon :(

    It got really really red in the last 7 hours
  11. Please help Moon :(

    I can’t think for my life today. Does this treatment schedule look good? (4 on/3 off prazi)
  12. Please help Moon :(

    She does NOT like to cooperate I hope these are good. I’m sorry if they aren’t!
  13. Please help Moon :(

    She’s quite lethargic today