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  1. Hi all I just wanted to show y'all my daughters littl baby Kupa she has had her about a month and so far is a really good little fish mom (with my help) lol Im a fish grandma lol Little kupa is super cute. She is in a 10 gallon untill she gets a little bigger then i will swich her to the 20 gallon i have in storage. I think she is a calico ryukin but im not sure. Here are some pics and a short vid this is the day she picked her out
  2. My fish enjoy riding the bubbles from the bubblewand to the top of the tank its funny to watch goldies can be such odd little creatures
  3. very nice i just got a new torch myself they sure are pretty
  4. Galvinized metal should work, same as horse water troughs. I'm just a cynic, after seeing a metal slotted spoons at walmart for 5 bucks marketed as a cat litter scoop at a pet store for twice as much. just like the turkey basters $2-$4 disguised as beta bowl cleaners $12
  5. Here is mine bucket for my waterchanger and net and scrub brushes i try to keep it seprate shelving i got at walmart comes in all kinds of sizes and i drilled holes in the back of the shelf to put the air thing in the top shelf ( geesh i just cant remember what that air thing is called lol i must be getting old lol)
  6. Thanks guys forgot to say the gobys names are tiger and bunny and the shrimp is Sebastian
  7. Hi All just wanted to show my 6week old bio cube in the vid you see our clowns light and dark ( there names are light and dark) and one of our cardinals which is named Death the kid we also have 2 goby and pistol shrimp also 2 other shrimp (hiding) We will be adding more corals in the weeks to come and ill keep updating thanks for looking
  8. Almost forgot the rock is named rocky and it's been with us 10 years my daughter picked him up when she was 2 and said this is my pet
  9. All the containers are candle holders I found at goodwill I even found the glass stones at goodwill
  10. Hi All I have been feeding my GF a gel food i made myself it has garlic peas spinach salmon greenbeans pumpkin tablespoon of goldfish flakes and goldfish pellets my kiddos really like it and I feed it to them everyday they also get some frozen stuff about 2-3x per week of bloodworms, brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, and leftovers of marine cuisine from my salt tank. A few times a month i will give them fruit like fresh straberries, banannas, orange slices and once a week usually i give them spinach or brocolli on the veggie clip. is this a good diet for them for the long run? and is my gel food ok for there staple food? thx P.S. gave my clownfish a taste of my gel food and the female who is a picky eater gobbled it up
  11. thanks guys ill let you know what works best!!
  12. Hi All My glass top just gets nasty dirty and I cant seem to get it clean and it makes my lighting look really dim any ideas? thanks
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