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  1. Jessijaxx

    Tele Update!

    they are so cute!!!
  2. Jessijaxx

    introducing little kupa!

    thx guys
  3. Jessijaxx

    introducing little kupa!

    Hi all I just wanted to show y'all my daughters littl baby Kupa she has had her about a month and so far is a really good little fish mom (with my help) lol Im a fish grandma lol Little kupa is super cute. She is in a 10 gallon untill she gets a little bigger then i will swich her to the 20 gallon i have in storage. I think she is a calico ryukin but im not sure. Here are some pics and a short vid this is the day she picked her out
  4. PM sent cant wait to try it thx
  5. Jessijaxx

    Normal Behavior?

    My fish enjoy riding the bubbles from the bubblewand to the top of the tank its funny to watch goldies can be such odd little creatures
  6. Jessijaxx

    My Torch Coral

    very nice i just got a new torch myself they sure are pretty
  7. Jessijaxx

    Yes, I brought home 3 more (PIC HEAVY)

    :wub: cuties
  8. Jessijaxx

    Introducing....Charlie and the unnamed gal

    very nice love clowns!!
  9. Jessijaxx


    Galvinized metal should work, same as horse water troughs. I'm just a cynic, after seeing a metal slotted spoons at walmart for 5 bucks marketed as a cat litter scoop at a pet store for twice as much. just like the turkey basters $2-$4 disguised as beta bowl cleaners $12
  10. Jessijaxx

    Organizing the tank cabinet--any pix?

    Here is mine bucket for my waterchanger and net and scrub brushes i try to keep it seprate shelving i got at walmart comes in all kinds of sizes and i drilled holes in the back of the shelf to put the air thing in the top shelf ( geesh i just cant remember what that air thing is called lol i must be getting old lol)
  11. Jessijaxx

    Whats your Real Name

    Im another jessica or jess or jessi or mommy but I am aslo and big Gamer and my tag is JaneSmith or Jane > if someone yelled jane on the street i would prolly look around to see who was calling me lol
  12. Jessijaxx

    Summer tips for keeping cool?

    frozen water bottles
  13. Jessijaxx

    29 biocube (pics and Vid)

    mandarin Goby Zoas