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  1. Ps. after i look to your profile i notice that you have some roots in Greece ? so
  2. I will search .. watt you say...i am not sure for the reason this products are distribuit in my country or.. in EU. I belive is not a crime ..watt i ask from members that can help..and i am sure that to recive something in form of "gift" is not a crime in any part of the world. We talking about some products wich contains of antibiotics..that are not so alien anywere in civilized part of the world .. In my country we dont have vets that are specilized in fish treatment...so is not llegal to try ..to cure your fish ..by your self .. I beg my pardon for my english .. but you know in the East Of Europe ..is only one country that matter in the end ..his name is Rusia .. Tank for your adivice.
  3. Hello I live in Romania a country in EU. I wanna buy some medicated foods ...from http://www.goldfishconnection.com/shop/listing.php?parentId=5, but unfortunately ...they dont sell across Europe. So i beg ..if someone from US ... wanna help me. I need : 1. Metro-Meds 12oz. 2.MediGold12oz. I will send the money in advance ..for this 2 products.. including for shping and handeling. if someone ..had the time to help me please contact me at.. this adress: desonac@yahoo.com
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