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  1. It looks amazing, good job must say that I don't have luck with live plants at all, besides java ferns and anubias
  2. I agree with the others, the small humps present on both fish lead towards ryukin, but it really will all fall into place as they grow. Both are beautiful
  3. I once left the end tube on my floor instead of in the tank, and turned it on, and bam! Floor ruined.
  4. She looks great now! You and Sharon did a great job of caring and helping her.
  5. Awww so cute! I love his name as well
  6. I don't have any tank lights but I do have natural light in the room my tank is in. My goldfish do fine and the Anubias and Java ferns do fine as well
  7. I do this all the time Try to make to cut clean, because I've found that the ragged cuts tend to get mushy and die.
  8. My city is always under my test kit readings. I would follow Lisa's advice and test--WC--Test
  9. Wow. Thats a stunning tank and your oscars are speechless...
  10. What reptile stuff are you looking for?
  11. Now that I see her from the side it does look like a butterfly tail. When she is older you will be able to tell more clearly if she does have a butterfly tail
  12. Thanks for the input. I went to petsmart and picked up 2 more females so now 4 will be in the 10 gallon and the other one will be in a 2.5 gallon
  13. Hello, recently one of my bettas, Chester passed. He lived in a ten gallon and once the tank was broken down, sterilized and empty I decided to do a female Betta sorority. So I went to my LFS and picked up some plants and hiding spaces. Well I saw these 3 females sitting in their tiny cups and so long story short I have 3 females. I know that most people recommend 6 females but I will NOT be doing 6. Here is the tank... As you can see it has lots of plants and hiding spaces and should have been perfect... But as soon as they were in the tank I could tell that the smallest one was chasing and biting the other 2 and stressing them out. The two bigger ones get along just fine and are best friends. So can I just keep the two in there or do i absolutely HAVE to get more?
  14. I'm no help either because like Amanda, I have 0 nitrates all the time. I have even missed a WC once and it still was at 0ppm.
  15. What do you feed them? A diet with bloodworms etc. will grow their wen a little more
  16. 2 times weekly but I could down it to once. My nitrates never reach 20ppm and my ammonia and nirtrites are always at 0ppm. That's so good of you, Jared (It's really not liking that quote for some reason ) Sorry if I'm hijacking a little, but what is your water schedule like? I ask because right now I have 3 in a 40, but recently the fish have grown rapidly. I'm doing twice weekly water changes, but I don't think that's enough anymore, I'm going to have to up it to 3x per week
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