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  1. Moucho+Moncho

    20 gallon

    It looks amazing, good job must say that I don't have luck with live plants at all, besides java ferns and anubias
  2. Moucho+Moncho

    Hello from Minnesota!

    Welcome to Kokos, your fish are adorable!
  3. Moucho+Moncho

    Ryukins? or Faintails?

    I agree with the others, the small humps present on both fish lead towards ryukin, but it really will all fall into place as they grow. Both are beautiful
  4. Moucho+Moncho

    New betta boy and plec!

    How cute, and beautiful colors on the betta
  5. I once left the end tube on my floor instead of in the tank, and turned it on, and bam! Floor ruined.
  6. Moucho+Moncho

    Smudge looks bloated (has for about 3 weeks)

    She looks great now! You and Sharon did a great job of caring and helping her.
  7. Moucho+Moncho

    My New Half Moon Betta

    Yeah, one of my past betta's was a blue marble, and then he choose to change to a light blue for me
  8. Moucho+Moncho

    Tiny Oranda

    Awww so cute! I love his name as well
  9. Moucho+Moncho


    Phew!! I used to use this exact food, until I learned about raw fed diets, and now I save a lot of money and I don't have to worry about a recall like this happening. I hope no pets were hurt Lima, Ohio is where my dad grew up and most of his family lives there. I will be notifying them of this
  10. Moucho+Moncho

    Treasure's color change (after only a month!)

  11. Moucho+Moncho

    My New Half Moon Betta

    Very nice!! I wouldn't expect him to stay that color for long though.
  12. Moucho+Moncho

    Are aquarium lights important?

    I don't have any tank lights but I do have natural light in the room my tank is in. My goldfish do fine and the Anubias and Java ferns do fine as well
  13. Moucho+Moncho

    Splitting Anubias

    I do this all the time Try to make to cut clean, because I've found that the ragged cuts tend to get mushy and die.